review tanzhilang in Demon Slayer,Kimetsu no Yaiba? If he doesn’t kill ghost team, he will become a”rich man”to marry Bai Fumei

    First highlight the double title of this article. A if tanzhilang doesn't go to kill the ghost team, he will become a"rich man"to marry Bai Fumei; B the actions of the two animation men have no technical content, but they contain an important concept of life, how to improve the probability of winning in life. Let's insert a previous review.

    Friends who have read the article"in case of indecision, quantum mechanics"should remember that the animation plot can let Schrodinger's cat carry the pot, but our own life plot can't, and we should be responsible for our own choices."Make up your mind, quantum mechanics."that won't work. If you really need to make a decision, probability passage is a good method. Abstract each specific choice into probability. As long as there is an advantage in probability and a chance of winning, you will bet. This is the embodiment of wisdom and an important concept to improve the probability of winning in life.

    Everyone has the right to make a choice. The right to make a choice according to probability is the so-called"probability right", that is to say, everyone also has the probability right. But if you want to figure out the probability, and then create conditions to improve the probability of winning, you will see the difference between the head and the head. If you don't believe me, let's look at the examples in the recent popular animation. These two animations are very worthy of Amway.

    Watch Demon Slayer,Kimetsu no Yaiba first. The male leader, tanzhilang, can not only flirt with his younger sister, but also be a master of probability calculation.

    In the twenty-sixth story of the first season, new task. Tanzhilang teases the nursing staff of the butterfly house, Shenqi Kui, and goes to find Li Hualuo xiangnaihu to say goodbye. Xiangnaihu has psychological disorder and needs to make a decision by flipping a coin without instructions from his superior. In her opinion, everything is"all right"whether to say or not, and she can't decide by herself.

    At this time, tanzhilang began to play tricks. He said,"there is nothing good in the world. It must be that shannaihu's inner voice is very small. Although it is important to follow the instructions, shannaihu should listen to his own voice after that"."Come on, brother, I'll throw a coin for you. If you throw out the watch, Shannai must live according to her heart!".

    Spoiler, tanzhilang threw out his watch once. Chanaihu asked strangely,"why can you throw out the watch?", tanzhilang gave an explanation:"of course, it was accidental. I also think that even if I throw it out of the, I will throw it until I throw it out of the watch". This answer seems to be very light floating at will, but it is very strong, such as Run with the Wind, stirred the girl's heartstrings.

    After careful analysis, we will find a fun probability problem. If you throw out the watch, follow your heart. There is a big problem with this setting. He doesn't limit the number of times to throw it. The probability of winning once is 50%, so if you lose twice, the probability of winning is 1-0.5 * 0.5, and the probability of winning becomes 75%. Cast n times, that is, the N side of 1-0.5. If you cast four times, you will have a winning probability of 93.75%. Tanzhilang's design is too strong. Shannai, who basically makes decisions by throwing coins, is not allowed to be Raiders.

    This mode is now applicable to all kinds of certificate examinations with a certain passing rate. If conditions permit, take the examination more times, and the probability of success will be much higher. Don't care about the examination fee. That's what smart people do. Donglingjun didn't understand this before. He always regretted it.

    Therefore, the speculation in Title A is very reliable. If tanzhilang doesn't go to the ghost killing team, he will become a"rich man"and marry Bai Fumei. This baby is not only hard-working and thick skinned, but also has a hard and smart head. The probability is good.

    Add another example from Dr.STONE. This animation looks like a popular science fan. The science Kingdom headed by a superhuman mind and a natural scientific youth qiankong uses the power of science to restore the story of human civilization.

    The example that donglingjun wants to give takes place in the 13th sentence - masked warrior. In other words, the science camp sent representatives to challenge in Shishen village. If they win, they can become the next village head of Shishen village, which is of great significance to the development of the science Kingdom and saving the lives of their relatives Liuli. But the most powerful golden wolf is seriously short-sighted and is not sure of winning in the face of the enemy's boss. The scientific team came up with a way to improve the winning rate, and qiankong and CROM also participated.

    The hostess amber is very puzzled about this. Is it meaningful for you two weak chickens to compete? Qiankong said:"we don't intend to win. The purpose of our competition is to try our best to make our opponents tired. When we meet our own people, we will be defeated directly. In this way, our winning rate will be improved. And the more people participate, the higher our winning rate. This tactic is not inferior to that of"Tianji horse racing". The result of the game is not spoiled. It's very dramatic.

    Above, the male owners of the two animation rely on their heads to come up with ways to improve the winning rate. These seem very simple and have no technical content, but it is really important to have this idea and consciousness. For more complex examples, you can find the article"abandoned probability right", the author's name is Lao Yu. The examples of improving the winning rate there are much more advanced. This is the number in the field of animation. It's just too high Dongdong point.

    What's the use of the consciousness of calculating probability first when making choices? At least I will have a correct judgment on some negative but plausible words. For example, it doesn't make sense to go to junior and senior high school. Children are the material for learning. It doesn't matter whether he goes to college or not. You see, anyone who doesn't go to college has hired a graduate student to work for him. If you look at the probability, you will find that these words are problematic and do not accord with the probability statistics. Once the reliable thinking mode is started, there is no need to say more about the follow-up!

    Routine benefits: in case of indecision, probability first. With this sense of probability, we have a slightly higher winning rate than those who don't want to shoot directly on the forehead. If we do this repeatedly, we don't need to explain the accumulated winning rate. How great is the power of repetition? In the upper right corner, pay attention to subscribing to Dongling chat animation and read the previous article"how music can create miracles". Again, paying attention, forwarding and collecting are good habits.

    review tanzhilang in Demon Slayer,Kimetsu no Yaiba? If he doesn’t kill ghost team, he will become a”rich man”to marry Bai Fumei



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