Why do you shave your hair? The big gray wolf Reggie becomes erha after shaving. These tell us that changing the shape can change the character

    Continue to chat about the youth group drama Beastars Beastars. The hero Reggie shaved his head, and the handsome and fierce big gray wolf turned into a lovely erha in seconds. The dragon looks up and becomes spirit. Why does the wolf shave his head?

    This is Reggie before the haircut

    This is Reggie after shaving

    It's cute and funny. The school students are amazed at the new shape, and the wolf sister is crazy about the new shape.

    At first, donglingjun thought that the change of the shape was just for fun and eye-catching, and the animation was funny. But this silly dog image has lasted for several years, and it didn't restore its original image until the end of this season. There are even barrage spitting,Regsy without shaving only survives in OP, andWill not appear in the positive films of the above images.

    This wolf comes from animationBEASTARS, and has a Chinese nameBeastars. It's a story about a wolf falling in love with a rabbit. It is not the wolf who falls in love with the sheep. There are also sheep in the story, but not around love, but around justice. In order to investigate the killing of sheep and give an account to sheep. The animal world is anthropomorphic. Carnivores and herbivores coexist peacefully. They can not only have heterosexual love, but also get married. It is said that they are recognized by the public. Don't ask if you can have a baby. Animation didn't talk about it. The animation is very good. The story has depth and connotation. He is not funny.

    There are but not many animations with significant changes in the image of human design. The more impressive one is the cherry blossom path in SLAM DUNK, with red curly hair cut into an inch. Cherry Blossom path is called"hair cutting Mingzhi". Is it true Mingzhi, or do you punish yourself for venting your emotions because of your extreme pain in losing the game. There are different opinions about this. In short, it's a hair cut. People's spirit and mental outlook are up. It's really useful.

    Big gray wolf has seen SLAM DUNK too? The change before and after shaving makes the elder of Cherry Blossom Road look at Beastars with great admiration. Is the big gray wolf still the big gray wolf after shaving? Looks like a dog and doesn't even eat meat

    Cherry wood hair cutting has reasons and functions. It is equally useful to analyze the big gray wolf regsey according to this routine.

    Reggie also has a reason. For love, it wants to be strong. For the sake of ideal, it wants to overcome its nature of being a beast. From a wolf to a dog, Reggie's forbearance and perseverance became stronger and stronger. He followed the panda teacher to practice, removing the wild nature and cultivating the sense of responsibility of ordinary people.

    After shaving his head, Reggie was not greedy for meat (this is called cutting his hair into a monk, completely breaking his previous nature), and he couldn't move his"mouth"in a fight (he used to bite and then claw)."Human"nature is improved and animal nature is weakened. After this, the more you look at it, the greater the change in the wolf's inner world.

    The improvement of a wolf's self-cultivation starts with cutting his hair. In real life, there are many examples of major changes by changing shapes. If we see a friend with the same shape for several years suddenly change his haircut,Then we need to pay special attention to. If he is not tested by the barber, there is a high probability that he will encounter something big and change. It may change for the better or for the worse.

    In the postscript, Lei Gouzi's hair grew out again, and his attractiveness increased significantly this time. With such an attractive shape, the lion said it was ugly.

    Routine introduction: old question, which do you prefer, the cherry blossom path before and after shaving your head? New question, Reggie before and after the haircut, which one do you prefer?

    Why do you shave your hair? The big gray wolf Reggie becomes erha after shaving. These tell us that changing the shape can change the character



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