review buckyarrow and what is Lu Lushu mixing with honglianluoyan? The robot animation with internal flavor makes people worry and enjoy at the same time

    This article talks about 21 years of January time"BACK ARROW"Back Arrow. Recently, there are few good-looking genuine animations. Wandering around, I accidentally opened this old mecha animation. Unexpectedly, I found a treasure. After watching it, there is a feeling of mixing Lu Xiu and Honglian Luoyan, which makes people feel good while worrying.

    Looking up the background information is really a mix. The director is Gu Kou Wulang, the director of rebellious Lu Lu Lu Xiu, and the screenwriter is one of the bases in the screenwriter of Tianyuan breaking through the red lotus and Luoyan. The original TV animation made by the two together is a waste of resources.

    As we all know, Lu Lu Xiu is the keynote of the dark Department of depression, and the belief of honglianluoyan is supreme and blood wild. These two sets of elements are intertwined. It is wonderful that there is no sense of conflict in bakyaro.

    The story of the play is very simple. Bakyaro, the male master with amnesia, is thrown into the world inside the wall. His goal is to cross the high wall and return to the outside of the wall. However, it seems that he can't do it alone. So he collected his teammates and tapped the potential of the warship. This is exactly the same as Honglian's way of telling stories, and Lingguang mecha is the embodiment of personal belief, which is more straightforward than drill bit spirit.

    Did he finally achieve his goal? What was the outcome? There is no drama here. In a word,This is just like the smart transition from"The Promised Neverland"to"Eden".

    Crossing the high wall has been given special meaning in the play. People inside the wall think that inside the wall is the whole world, and there is no so-called outside world. So I went to the world outside the wall. It was considered a rebellion against God. There were pro and opposition.

    Unlike Honglian, the protagonist group has to fight not only conservatives or advanced versions of conservatives. The environment in which the leading group of Back Arrow is situated is more complex. The two great powers confront each other. They want to survive in the cracks.

    Some people fear their power and fear that they will make a hole in the sky Some people think it's none of my business; some people support joining the partnership; some people find an opportunity. They want to bring private goods and use it to achieve their own ulterior ambitions; there is also a large group of people. They are pure white people, wavering, chasing the stream with the splash, becoming the object of other people's use and feeling honored when cannon fodder. There are also extremists, who claim to be agents of God and sow discord in it.

    Complicated relations, various forces compete with each other, and all kinds of people come on stage, which has the taste of Lu Xiu. Today's friend may be tomorrow's enemy, and today's enemy may also be future friends. Even the protagonist himself has uncertainty. He looks like a savior with amnesia, but it is said that this man is the destroyer sent by God to destroy the world. Fortunately, there are more places like red lotus in this animation, without those abusive scenes of kissing me.

    This animation is unreasonable. A group of crazy people whose mecha has been destroyed dare to fight for bayonets with mecha soldiers with their flesh based on their glory and faith alone. This act of death is very distressing for the well-equipped protagonist group with conscience. At this moment, they Zhuge Liang possessed the body, and the pain of burning the rattan soldiers went out from the bottom of their hearts. War is so cruel , there are no real winners.

    This animation is very reasonable. When a group of good people watch a tampered live broadcast, they will send their once beloved queen to the guillotine. A group of soldiers only have to obey orders. As for whether to do good or bad things, they don't need to be responsible or intentional. The human heart is so fickle that there is no real controller.

    The animation is so cool. The fickle and cruel people have given us clues to predict. Although we are worried, we are expected that all contradictions and difficulties will eventually be resolved by love, solved by strength and hit by faith. Worrying while enjoying is the biggest feature of this animation.

    What does Lu Xiu mix and match with Honglian Luoyan?"Back Arrow"makes people worry while chatting about"buckyarrow". It is very cool to see the robot animation with internal flavor

    review buckyarrow and what is Lu Lushu mixing with honglianluoyan? The robot animation with internal flavor makes people worry and enjoy at the same time



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