Wolves don’t eat sheep, but people eat people. Lions have to punch in to go to work. This animation is more heartbreaking to watch together

    Some animation together to see more interesting, this article we will talk about"Vinland Saga","Beastars"(Beastars),"African office worker"this set of animation. Wolves don't eat sheep, but people eat people. Lions have to punch in to go to work. These three animes are easy to put together.

    Appetizer"African office worker"

    This is an animation of the same name adapted from a funny cartoon created by Fei Fei. Lions, toucans, lizards, work in the company of President tortoise. These animals look very funny in suits. The lion is the predecessor of birds and lizards. Although it is a lion, it has a kind character. Stories of office workers' gags. You can see at a glance that this is a personification technique.

    No matter what animals they are, as long as they enter the Japanese workplace mode (set in Africa), they will stage stories that resonate with Japanese office workers. The same life, let the three live babies play, and the laughter is doubled.Alas, once you enter the workplace, lions have to punch in honestly.

    The big dish"Beastars"(Beastars)

    The animals in the appetizer get along with each other harmoniously. They are colleagues and want to live together. When it comes to Beastars, animals are not so harmonious. They are also anthropomorphic animals. They constitute a civilized society, but there is an disharmony behind civilization. One of the most brilliant settings of Beastars is thatIts anthropomorphism is not complete, carnivores and herbivores still keep their own animal"habits", and the animal nature has not completely disappeared. Carnivores inhibit the hunting nature, while herbivores are comfortable and used to the idea of"bullying people"as superior animals.

    The protagonist Reggie, the big gray wolf, is suffering from this. On the one hand, the education is to live in peace with everyone. The school has opened a compulsory course for carnivores, teaching them to suppress instinct, determine ethics and understand each other with other races. The strong and fierce big gray wolf is really acting according to these learned rules. It has become a lonely, gentle, clumsy and kind big gray wolf. It is very counselled in the drama society and is in the position of doing chores.

    On the other hand, its animal nature is ready to move, especially after encountering the rabbit (spring) with water-soluble poplars. It craves meat and blood. It even suspected that it was the"murderer"of the school's"food killing incident". From time to time, its bloody side will come out involuntarily, and it even beat the tiger.

    This carnivore lives awkwardly and feels awkwardly. The herbivores in the play also live awkwardly, there is discrimination between gentle rabbits, and there is a campus bullying incident. The female master spring (female dwarf rabbit) lives her campus life with a wonderful way of life. Donglingjun was curious about how many boyfriends she had. Since the"killing and eating incident", herbivores have gradually lacked a sense of security, and their self-conscious happy days have begun to be full of crisis. Herbivore students don't even give up the door of the school and feel like they want to be isolated.

    After animals become human, they still have to retain their animal nature. Wonderful! The contradiction between human nature and animal nature makes this Beastars well received.

    The third course"Vinland Saga"(ice sea battle)

    This animation does not use anthropomorphic techniques, but the opening of this more than a dozen words, donglingjun felt that he was looking at the"animal world", full of wild animals. It's hard to imagine that the author of the original cartoon was Xing Cuncheng, who had published"PLANETES ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ". In an interview, yukimura Cheng said that he wanted to explore the"essence of violence and love", so he chose a history that advocates killing most in human history as the background. From this introduction, we can imagine how violent and bloody the animation is, which is crueler than watching the documentary about the life and death animal world on the African grassland.

    Vinland Saga is the story of Vikings, set against the backdrop of the war between Denmark and England in the early eleventh Century. It is normal for pirates to rob the countryside, kill and set fire. Soldiers are brave and aggressive, just like animals, and follow the leaders to prey. The leader is dead. It's common to kill the leader.

    The depiction of several leaders in this work is very interesting, three-dimensional and multifaceted, with both animal and human aspects. They not only ignore life, but also think about the meaning of life. For example, asherat, a wicked man who does everything to achieve his goal, but sometimes he speaks like a philosopher.

    PS: the first ten words in"Vinland Saga"are really depressing, especially uncomfortable. Therefore, it is not hot in China, but cool. But donglingjun still wants to Amway it, because as long as you keep looking, you will see the outbreak of human nature of several leaders and protagonists in the later stage. It turns out that all the animal attributes in front are to pave the way for the outbreak of personality.

    For the three animes, African office worker, Beastars, Vinland Saga, it is suggested that you have a look at the latter two. Animals with human body and animal head are full of human taste, but they are ready to move. The pirates in human skin always exude the smell of bloody animals, but once they are human, they are radiant. Anthropomorphic and animal like, switching back and forth between them is not only interesting, but also heartbreaking.

    Routine welfare: the topic of beast and human nature is too big for donglingjun to talk. We'd better watch it ourselves and have a better taste. If you want to see more animation package recommendations, please pay attention to it in the upper left corner.

    Wolves don’t eat sheep, but people eat people. Lions have to punch in to go to work. This animation is more heartbreaking to watch togetherSheep in wolf's skin and wolves in human's skin. The animation world likes to exchange positions like this. Wolves don't eat sheep, but people eat people. Lions have to clock in to go to work. It's more exciting to watch this animation together
    Wolves don’t eat sheep, but people eat people. Lions have to punch in to go to work. This animation is more heartbreaking to watch together



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