Sword Art Online’s big guess: what will be the unselfish version of boss in Underword world

    Double leaf appendage: what would it look like if the AI in Sword Art Online had mastered the system permissions?

    Chat about Sword Art Online: the third season tells us that too many"system administrators"will cause great trouble

    Such as"what would happen if AI in Sword Art Online had mastered system permissions?", animation works are written by people, and the trend of the story will be a result of the author's own screening. In other words, what we see is only one of the thousands of changes<Surviving version, in fact, there are many possibilities. The problem just mentioned is another possibility deduction.

    Background introduction: in the Alicization chapter of the third season of Sword Art Online, Grandpa Tong came to the Under World, which is a military experimental project. Through shaking light to simulate the human development process, self-discipline AI is produced for intelligent unmanned weapons. After groping in the early stage, Grandpa Huatong finally met a real"insider"- a self-discipline program similar to knot clothes. From her mouth, Tong people know the origin of the boss kilometer church's supreme priest"adomenis doret"in the world.

    Decades after the original four people logged out of the under world system, the two lords engaged in a political marriage and gave birth to a girl kuenila. The girl was not only given the right to learn sacred arts, but also inherited the selfish gene of a dishonest person in the"original four people". Rogue gene + Xueba talent + good background, the girl soon got through Ren Du and became the ruler of the world. On her deathbed, the sister got the system instruction set of the world through exhaustive violent cracking or with the help of external forces, and became a system administrator who can open and hang up at will.

    But she is not satisfied. Out of selfishness, kuenila can't allow the cardinal system with the same authority. She wants to seize the authority, but the result is that the cardinal system and her soul are integrated together. She became the ruler and manager of the world, and the supreme priest"adomenis doret".

    This twelfth message is really informative. Kuenila has done two major things in the process of seizing power. First, she issued a decree restricting other AI's growth and upgrading to administrator. Second, she seized power with the cardinal system, and the result was integration.

    Limited by space, we'll talk about the first thing in this article, and we'll talk about the second later. In order to limit the growth and upgrading of other AI, she worked out the laws of the Ming culture, focusing on the prohibition of hunting and killing. These two paths directly block the level training channels. In the two articles [why"amnesia"is also an ability] [Sisyphus style punishment], donglingjun mentioned the importance of upgrading and fighting monsters, so I won't say more here.

    As a result of these laws, it is difficult to upgrade, and more system instructions cannot be used if the level is not reached. In the future, no one will systematically master this system management language, and they will only call a few simple interfaces (Holy Art). Residents follow the taboo list very much, and the evolution of that world has encountered a ceiling. Then grandpa Tong let the catfish in. He wanted to break the rules.

    The above is a version of sword underworld, which sets sunila as a selfish person and sets up a villain boss.

    If she is not selfish and gives all the system permissions she has learned to other villagers selflessly and privately, what will happen to the world?Let's assume that AI in that world are all administrators with cardinal system permissions.

    There is a possibility that the world is heaven. AI people live like gods, which is the world level of the game.

    It would be more fun if we put it on the physical level and if there were a group of"scientists"in that world. Open a brain hole, kuenila gave a random instruction, and a piece of land became a church building. If a group of administrators are interested in this space, another kuenila II will turn this space into a magic school. There is also kuenila 3, which turns this space into a zoo. It takes minutes to read an instruction. One is the building, the other is the school, the other is the zoo. What is this space for those scientists? Superposition of multiple states? Only at the moment of observation did they see a fixed state. At other times, it is an ambiguous state. This description is familiar. HasBeen seen in those highly standardized theories?

    In case of indecision, quantum mechanics, Xiaobian seems to have a double leaf attachment at this time.Everyone is a system administrator, which can lead to multiple states in the combination probability of a storage unit. What's more, can we deduce how many administrators there are according to the number of States?

    Should this be put at the social level? Public space can be managed and used by anyone, and N administrators have permissions. There is also a theory that is right with it, and the name can't remember. The conclusion is that this space will be miserable and end up with little value. Free highway gambling, free garden flowers have been picked, and so on. We have seen many game worlds with administrators, such as krypton gold, private servers and plug-ins. It doesn't matter whether the balance is very bullshit. Needless to say.

    Above, let's assume that an unselfish version of kuenila feels more chaotic or more difficult to imagine than the selfish version. It's easiest to set up boss and let Grandpa Tong play the version. If not necessary, do not add administrator [entity].

    This article is purely entertainment. It's normal if you can't understand it. Don't be serious.Just remember to open fewer administrator permissions. Don't be blind to root if you have nothing. Rogue software these days is more hateful than the supreme priest"adominius doret". After they take away the permissions, they are more administrators than me. I rest, and rogue software doesn't rest. In terms of probability, it's really hard to say who is managing this mobile phone.

    Routine welfare, please pay attention to forwarding: as mentioned at the beginning, all the works we saw are a surviving version. Why do you say that? Please refer to BLEACH for details. The villains will die even if they have various reasons. If they don't click, their consequences will be very serious.

    Sword Art Online’s big guess: what will be the unselfish version of boss in Underword world



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