Inventory those saved pseudo harem animation, what is the difference between them and the bottom of real harem animation


    The author of Sword Art Online said that the story of several people was based on a male leader (although the readers did not agree, the consistency of sword writing was too strong), so was Seiren, in fact, the series of Seishun Buta Yaro could be regarded as the same.

    When talking about the male host of Seishun Buta Yaro, Dong Lingjun turned over some background information and was accidentally spoiled. It turns out that the male host story model has some shadow of Seiren, and it is also a change of female host in several episodes.

    I have seen many stories like this. Donglingjun remembers what Kawahara, the author of Sword Art Online, said.

    The main idea is this: the sword story is not a story of Tongren alone, but a collection of various wonderful stories of players. Just to look good and save trouble, many male owners have been replaced by Tongren.

    Put the story of several people on a male host. The author of Sword Art Online said that (although the readers disagree, the consistency of sword writing is too strong). Seiren is like this. In fact, Seishun Buta Yaro series can also be regarded as this.

    "spring sickness syndrome"is a mysterious event circulated on the Internet and can only happen to teenagers."Hearing someone's voice","meeting someone's future"and"who and whose personality exchange"are all urban legends known as spring sickness and no one believes.

    "Seishun Buta Yaro"is a series of"Spring Rush syndrome"stories. However, the male owners of each story are all concentrated on Katai, and most of the female owners are cleverly arranged around the male owners in advance, making people look more like the story of the male owner alone.

    The benefits of this model are obvious

    1. The male owner did not open the harem subjectively, but gave the audience the feeling of groups in the harem. Those who are not Hougong fans have also rubbed into the hot spots of Hougong, and the male owner will not be regarded as a flower radish, which makes people bored and loses the audience.

    2. The characters are simplified, and the author and audience can save a lot of brain cells. A male leader is easy to remember and accumulate popularity. The aura of the protagonist is more significant.

    Dong Lingjun takes the opposite example,Tsurezure Children, which tells the love story of several pairs of people. The partial plot is funny, but the characters can't remember it and look at it in a mess. The reason why there are few masterpieces with many characters is that it is difficult to write clearly.

    This model has existed since ancient times

    Several famous honest officials have similar situations. For example, the famous Bao Zheng and Bao Qingtian, and Liu Yong and Ji Xiaolan. In film and television works and folk stories, many stories that have nothing to do with them will also be hung under their names, and the historical evidence is a little.

    "if there is anything, we have to double it and make him redundant; if there is nothing, we have to take all he has."It is very interesting to use the"Matthew effect"in understanding this kind of story collection. Why is the animation of kaihougong very popular, why do people like to add a lot of other people's stories to a celebrity, and why it is easier to put several people's stories on a man. Can be explained by this.

    Routine benefits:

    Think backwards and then see the Hougong fan. If you can consciously jump out and regard the story that was originally the Hougong as an independent story of several different men. What kind of Hougong fan is this? You'll feel different if you look at it like this. At least we will greatly reduce our feelings of envy, jealousy and hatred, and will focus more on the arrangement of the story rather than finding problems for the man.

    By analogy, the model of installing the stories of several people on a male master can also be changed. For example, installing the thinking achievements of a group of people on a male master and understanding this model can avoid excessive worship and more comprehensively understand the content.

    If there is focus, there will be dispersion. Is there any animation in decentralized mode? Split one person's story into several people's stories, and donglingjun is still looking for it. Multiple works of the same author may be regarded as this model.

    Inventory those saved pseudo harem animation, what is the difference between them and the bottom of real harem animation



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