Why is wealth concentration an inevitable result? Sun Wukong knows this truth

    Why wealth concentration is the inevitable result (there are also variants here, that is, wealth differentiation). When you open the media, you can see that various experts and scholars have used a lot of professional words and theories to describe and demonstrate. What reasons do they say? Dongling forgot.

    I saw the game world of logic thinking 278 two days ago and saw such an interesting point of view.

    The game is an ancestral way of life that enables people to realize themselves completely and allows players to return to the collective subconscious to hunt and collect. It is a life style with complete meaning, which can fill the broken meaning chain for individuals in contemporary industrial society.

    People want to play games because games enable you to still be a capital person in an industrial society.

    To put it bluntly, human beings came out of the hunting and gathering society, and ran all the way from agricultural society, industrial society and information society to today in about 10000 years. However, the needs and thinking mode at the bottom of our body still stay in the hunting and gathering society, and the game allows us to go back temporarily.

    Actually moved out society and history to correct the name of the game. Dongling likes to think, and it's fun to push in turn.

    Upgrade, fight monsters and upgrade monsters, which is the main task of most games. In my impression, the textbook says that productivity is people's ability to conquer and transform nature. Another sentence is to liberate and develop the productive forces. If we regard nature as a"monster", collect things, invent equipment, start fighting from a small monster, intersperse and plunder resources from each other, discover and explore unknown fields, then continue to improve ability (level) and continue to fight higher-level monsters, isn't the development history of so and so a history of fighting monsters in so and so a field.

    Those who play games know that the later the monster is, the harder it is to fight. Those who study physics also know that the closer it is to the end point, the harder it is to break through. There are molecular monsters waiting behind, atomic monsters waiting, proton monsters, neutron monsters and quark monsters behind. Play slowly. The harder it gets to the back, the more difficult it is to play. You need to upgrade your equipment, old and expensive equipment. How can we get these equipment? It requires wealth accumulation, such as what collider. Nowadays, there are more and more oligarchs in all walks of life because it is more and more difficult for them to fight. Sun Wukong is well aware of this truth. Whenever he plays a cosmic boss, he will absorb energy from all sentient beings and gather strange wealth.

    Do you still think that wealth differentiation and wealth concentration are unreasonable? Imagine Sun Wukong's great move in DRAGON BALL. The masses are willing to give their energy to Sun Wukong.

    Since the concentration of wealth is reasonable, what do players always complain about? They complain about opening and hanging, and they directly take money from different worlds to buy equipment.

    Question 1: what is the blame of oligarchs? Question 2: what will happen if the oligarchs don't go to the top of the new monster strategy? Question 3: there are games that do not need to upgrade and fight strange equipment, and there are industries that will not be concentrated by oligopoly.

    Nonsense at the end: Sword Art Online didn't reach the 100th level, so it was cleared in the middle of the game. Finding a shortcut to victory is also a good way to save a lot of money.

    Why is wealth concentration an inevitable result? Sun Wukong knows this truth



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