Regarding Reincarnated to Slime review: Meng Wang is stolen from his home. It is not good enough to see the highlights. Is”hoarding”a good habit?

    The second season of"Regarding Reincarnated to Slime"has come to a small climax.

    The rise of the demon Federation affected the interests of the falms kingdom. They united with the demon king kleman to attack the demon Federation. The magic array not only restricted communication, but also greatly suppressed the magic power of the demon family. At the same time, the Meng King encountered an ambush on his way home. [Special Forces sneak in and use a combat power to contain the enemy's main force, communication suppression plus firepower suppression, and blitz is cattle]

    It's a wonderful play. Unfortunately, it is played in several words. Each time the card ends, it makes donglingjun spit fragrance. It's not fun. Seven years long. Many barrages are urging everyone to hoard this part. Hoarding one episode is not enough, hoarding two episodes is not enough, hoarding three episodes. Later, someone simply shouted the slogan that we should hoard one season.

    Of course, some die hard fans said that they just watch one episode if they want to publish one episode, which is called"chasing fans". Of course, most people, like donglingjun, want to hoard but can't help it.

    There is a problem.Regarding Reincarnated to Slime is good at hoarding or updating?

    There is no standard answer, but such questions can be transformed into advanced questions. Delayed enjoyment and immediate enjoyment, long-term and short-term. This kind of problem is a big one. People discuss this problem, specialize in experiments and research, and publish books, such as don't worry about eating your marshmallow.

    The book talks about a"marshmallow experiment"at Stanford University. The researchers told the children that they could eat marshmallows immediately or wait until the researchers came back, and the latter could get double marshmallows as a reward.

    In the face of candy, some children (those who did not wait) became impatient after only waiting for a while and couldn't wait to eat the marshmallow; some children (those who delayed) were very patient. They thought of various ways to delay time and finally got double rewards.

    The experiment has been tracking these children until their adolescence. It is found that"unequal"show more tendencies of isolation, stubbornness, frustration and indecision in terms of personality. Those who"delay"more become teenagers with strong adaptability, adventurous spirit, popularity, self-confidence and independence. Not only in character, in learning ability,"delayed"is 20 points higher than"unequal"in mathematics and Chinese.

    Big guys conclude that the ability to delay gratification is very important. It determines our life and is an important ability that needs to be cultivated and exercised.

    After reading this experiment, we should know whether to hoard good or update. However, for the pursuit of animation, there is no need to be too tangled. It's good to be casual. After all, the people who saw it first have talk capital, which is another harvest.

    If you want to practice endurance - delay enjoyment, it is a good training method to pursue a good animation, such as this"Regarding Reincarnated to Slime", and start with a few episodes.

    Routine benefits: extended reading can search for these words, the ability to delay gratification and long-term ism. Don't worry about eating your marshmallow. Here, I can tell you that the uncomfortable story has been broadcast, and the cool story of Meng Wang changing into demon king is about to begin. Regarding Reincarnated to Slime, how many episodes do you think are suitable?

    Regarding Reincarnated to Slime: the cute king is stolen from his home, will he watch or update? Which one of you choose is not good enough to see, Regarding Reincarnated to Slime is optimistic, or update must be pursued?

    In this way, the way of watching fan is also a way of practice.

    Regarding Reincarnated to Slime review: Meng Wang is stolen from his home. It is not good enough to see the highlights. Is”hoarding”a good habit?



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