review The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent? The dreamer changed into a dreamer. When I read more novels, I wrote a book. I can think of the plot with the instep. Why do I love to see it and let her tenderness and kindness soothe my heartache

    Chatting about the cool animation"The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent"for men and women, there is no pressure to watch this animation. Apart from being happy, it is warm-hearted. How nice it would be to have a saint around? Saint's magic, omnipotent seijo no maryoku wa ban ō Desu

    Before chatting about this animation, insert a pre dish of"Kitchen God in charge of the family"(China).

    A love episode between master Xie and the blue eyed tiger Myra.On the journey to capture the legendary kitchenware, Xie Lu was saved by a beautiful woman. He fell in love with the girl of his dreams. However, when the two met again, Xie Lu found that the woman was actually one of the five tiger stars in the dark cooking world, the blue eyed tiger Myra.If you don't understand something, you'll have a duel.Master Xie lost squarely. According to the agreement, he jumped the tower and fell off the cliff.

    It wasn't long before seven star sword Ryan arrived. He launched a second challenge to Myra. This time, Ryan won (people who have crossed the dark cooking world are different. They know how to encrypt the core code and leave the back door). According to the agreement, this time Mila jumped the tower and fell off the cliff.

    Myra also fell in love with understanding Lu. She jumped off the cliff without scruples and followed Xie Lu. At this time, a magical scene happened. Xie Lu not only didn't die, but also caught the big living man Myra who fell at a speed ofN meters per second.A standard Princess hug, and the two continue to show their love. The cooked dishes can shine, which can be accepted by the audience with great expectation. Not only can this cliff jumper die, but he can catch another cliff jumper. There is nothing to be picky about, not only no one spits, but also applauds. The audience called it fun. This is"I can think of a plot with the instep of my feet. I just love to see it".

    After the episode is over, I start to talk about the feature film"The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent". By looking at the name, I know that this is a different world theme. There is magic, and the main character is saint. Looking at the poster, I can still know that the animation style has a classical flavor. There are many handsome men and palace plays. Maybe it's still a second female fan. There will be no fierce fighting. It will be a pleasing, slow-paced and stable slow-paced animation.

    At the beginning, I'm sure it's almost what I thought. You Sheng, a female bird of social animals, came to the different world. At first, she was ignored. Later, her ability slowly emerged, startling a group of handsome men and powerful uncles. She will become the favorite of the league, win the favor of everyone with her hard work (in fact, she is not tired at all, far worse than when she was working) and become a dazzling star.

    White sweet is not stupid, omnipotent, virtuous and shy, pure and powerful, and can't find anything wrong. The big lady is always so likable. Plot? Use magic medicine to save people and exorcise the world. What the saint can and should do (only positive and bright), the lady is doing , stick to it and play an increasingly important role in the different world.

    At present, the plot of these words has not surprised donglingjun,There are no new highlights, but I just like to watch, because it is very sweet , looking can make people feel happy. The The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent has successfully completed its mission to appease the lonely soul.

    Look at this comment again,"I love watching the plot that can be thought of with the instep of my feet". What do people watch? In addition to freshness, thrilling stimulation, brain burning and healing, there is also a big splash of dog food for the audience, asking for comfort. Women can regard the female owner as the avatar spokesman, while men spoil her as the"ideal"in their dreams. Hey, which layman doesn't have a hole in his heart to fill?

    When I write here, I think of a song"how I want to go back to my hometown and return to her side, let her be gentle and kind, and comfort my heartache". Where is she and who is she. If there is nothing in reality, go to a different world like The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent. Then you can sing this song again.

    According to the author Ju Youhua in the interview, when he was a reader, he worked a lot of overtime and lived a life of returning home early at night. Therefore, when reading the novels on the website of"become a novelist"He would project himself into the protagonist of the works and experience the feeling of"going elsewhere".Because of this, he always pays attention to making"The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent"become a work without pressure,So that readers can improve their mood.

    After reading the author's words,People have successfully transformed from a"dreamer"to a"dreamer". Those who pursue dreams can't catch up with those who make dreams. We are still in the stage of pursuing dreams , chasing dreams has not been successful, but the reality still needs efforts.

    Routine complaint: when you go to a different world, you are either a brave person or a saint. In short, it is very good. If you stay in the real world, you may become"Dunyong"and leftover women. In short, it's a little heartbreaking. I don't know what I'm talking about, but I dare not ask for praise here.It is said that anyone who likes and forwards can dream.

    "The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent", the dreamer transforms the dreamer. When I read more novels, I will come up with a script that I can think of with my instep. I love watching it, and let her tenderness and kindness soothe my heartache

    review The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent? The dreamer changed into a dreamer. When I read more novels, I wrote a book. I can think of the plot with the instep. Why do I love to see it and let her tenderness and kindness soothe my heartache



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