review animation Wonder Egg Priority? There is no dispute about destroying the three outlooks, but there are chicken feathers left. Is the teacher a pot bearer? Is Xiaosi’s death really related to him?

    The obscure Wonder Egg Priority is finally over. What you don't understand is still not understood. Donglingjun pretends to understand it here, and then talks about it.

    Before the broadcast, someone predicted that it was a masterpiece, and someone directly dissuaded it"warning! The dark Trilogy"College Teachers","human disqualification","minors"and"the march of the saints"written by nobuji nomima are all topic plays. Therefore, many people predict that there will be things that will destroy the three outlooks, and there will be many controversial points.

    As a result, we can see that except for the biggest controversy of"whether the story is finished or not, whether it is clear or not, and how many episodes are missing", there are no waves. It can be said that this animation leaves only chicken feathers on the ground, chicken feathers about the ending. After all, the odd egg is an egg. The egg finally broke. I didn't see the chicken. Don't people think about chicken feathers.

    Four girls play in one play, especially four girls who are in extreme psychological pain and even want to commit suicide. They were selected to come to the egg world, play strange games in the egg world, protect more people, save points, and even achieve a wish, such as saving a friend.

    Big families love pain. They have a history of being bullied by the campus. Their only friend, Koichi NAGase, committed suicide. She likes her head teacher, xiuichiro Zemu, and the head teacher plans to associate with her mother and become her stepfather. And the big family loves to feel that Xiaosi is also closely related to the head teacher. Is her death also related to the teacher?

    Qingzhao Yinyu is suffering. In a single parent family, her mother seems not to want to make progress. Yinyu's unintentional vicious remarks led to the suicide of one of her die hard fans. She blames herself very much.

    Rihua Chuanjing is in pain. She runs a large company. She has a sister who has a deep relationship with her. She is in a semi dead state. She is worried whether to euthanize her or continue to live unconsciously.

    Ze mu taohui is a girl who looks like a handsome boy and is very popular with girls. Why is she upset? No explanation, because I didn't understand.

    Because they are distressed and tend to commit suicide, the accounts and accounts in charge of the odd egg world find them, hoping to intervene them with the help of the world, so that they can unload their inner burden and regain their rebirth. This is a game world of psychological counseling. Sure enough, the strange egg adventure world made the four girls friends. They supported each other, their hearts became bright, no longer depressed, and had the will to live.

    So how did this strange egg world come from?This is another black history. See paragraph 11 for details.

    The balance sheet and inside account used to clock in with technology. They had nothing to do. In order to relieve boredom, they created an AI daughter named furyl. Later, the account had a girlfriend. Soon they got married and were going to have a daughter. The father's love was going to disappear. Freil was jealous and hated and killed the account's wife.

    Fortunately, her daughter Yang Ju survived. The longer she grew, the more she looked like her mother. When she learned that Li Zhang had secretly loved her mother, Yang Ju hinted that she could become Li Zhang's girlfriend when she grew up. However, before long, she committed suicide.

    Freire not only directly kills people, but also adds new skills after she is locked up, such as separation (hyphen and origin) or dreams. In short, she takes advantage of other people's negative emotions to carry out psychological intervention and make people commit suicide.

    The balance sheet and the ledger realize that since Freire can make others commit suicide, the reverse is the same. There are many reasons for suicide, but is there really no last help leading to their suicide? Blocking the temptation of death can save a life, so they made strange eggs.

    I see. The real meaning of odd egg world is not to realize the wishes of girls,But to block the temptation of deathAnd let them open their hearts and live bravely.

    The Savior finally saves himself. Perhaps this strange egg world is also an opportunity for the two tech giants to save themselves.

    review animation Wonder Egg Priority? There is no dispute about destroying the three outlooks, but there are chicken feathers left. Is the teacher a pot bearer? Is Xiaosi’s death really related to him?



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