“Regarding Reincarnated to Slime”review, there is no stealing this matter, mengwang still change the devil king, which is inevitable in history?

    People become shrems, and Meng Wang becomes demon Wang. Water has been for a long time, only for a reason. If he hadn't stolen the house, would Meng Wang have become a demon king?

    The big gray wolf in"Beastars"next door has become a two ha skill. It has successfully crossed species, and does not crave meat. It can stand in the position of vegetarians to see problems. It is not easy here. The protagonist of"Regarding Reincarnated to Slime", our lovely King Meng, is also undergoing a major change.

    Before, Meng Wang looked at the relationship between humans and demons from the perspective of humans. The alien world from reincarnation is reincarnated into shrem, and its rebirth is destined to get along with demons. Limlu learned magic and martial arts. He saved goblin in the Jura forest and took in the tooth wolf and big ghost. Later, he also included the pig head and lizard people into his command and established the Federation of the demon kingdom. Shi (LEM) was called the Meng king.

    After the founding of the people's Republic of China, because he firmly believed that he was still human, Meng Wang taught his people not to hurt human beings and to coexist peacefully with human beings. Human beings should be courteous and courteous, and should not take the initiative to harm them. Terrans enjoy preferential treatment in the Federation of demon states. We should be a low-key country that is harmless to people and animals.

    The good scenery was very long, and the water lasted for a long time, until the development of the devil Kingdom affected the interests of some human countries. The war between man and the Federation of the demon Kingdom began.

    While going out to support the church on LIM Road, the Allied forces of a country and the church Knights attacked the Federation of the devil country, causing a large number of devil casualties. When Lim road arrived at the base camp, a large number of bodies had been placed in front of the empty yard.

    The seeds of hatred have been sown and things are irreparable. Limlu regretted, sad and angry. A sister said: my king, if you evolve into a demon king, they will have a chance to resurrect. However, there is a condition for evolution. Tens of thousands of people have to sacrifice to heaven. You should only enjoy their experience value of ascension.

    There are ~ plays. I'm not a man anymore. I'd better be a devil. Meng Wang figured out that all humans and demons are life. My responsibility is to support the happiness of my life. I'm shameless,Put on a mask and put on nuclear magic.Don't be idle. Take revenge for those who want revenge, take experience for those who want experience, and kill them at will. After a long time of water,"Regarding Reincarnated to Slime"finally handed in a satisfactory answer.

    The producer deliberately suppresses the audience's desire to achieve the effect of hunger marketing. Still, the transformation from human king to demon king needs to do a lot of foreshadowing. Anyway, Lim road wants to open up this time. He doesn't want to be a man. What if he likes to be a spider king and a demon king? If the audience is happy, he will be strong.

    As a human audience, why do you expect the rise of the demon clan so much that the murderers are very happy to see them? From God's point of view, race doesn't matter at all. The Terrans in the story are not people, and the demons in the story are not demons. What we value more is who represents the justice we like.

    In that strange world,"killing"doesn't seem to be a thing at all. Throwing a few nuclear equivalent magic won't make a fuss. There is a reliable reason that the protagonist is still a protagonist loved by followers from different worlds.

    Routine benefits: This article is also very water. The sprouting aqua regia has been for a long time, and the water is through. It takes a reason to become a demon king, as well as a reason to kill.If the Terran didn't make a sneak attack, how long will the sprouting king be upgraded to a demon king?Donglingjun believes that he will upgrade sooner or later, but he needs another reason. That's the same sentence. After being a king for a long time, even a cute king will evolve. This seems to be the historical necessity of the different world.

    “Regarding Reincarnated to Slime”review, there is no stealing this matter, mengwang still change the devil king, which is inevitable in history?



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