review Elmar, the heroine of The Promised Neverland? Who says that Emma is only optimistic but not pessimistic? This sentence reveals her true thoughts

    Continue to chat about The Promised Neverland. The second sentence is too rich. One line is enough to write one to ponder. In the last article, Dong Lingjun praised the protagonist Emma's optimistic way of thinking. Mentality determines fate, optimism prevails. A good attitude is the strength to support them. In this article, let's talk about a small detail. It turns out that she also has a pessimistic side, but she doesn't say it herself and hides it silently in the bottom of her heart.

    After escaping from the farm, the children met the pursuers. Fortunately, they met the noble (alien) Song Jie and muhika in the ghost. These two ghosts saved Emma and others. From Song Jie, Emma learned her life experience and the"international"relationship in today's world.

    Thousands of years ago, people and ghosts killed each other, and the earth was in great chaos. Later, mankind made an agreement to divide the human world and the ghost world, and the two worlds did not communicate with each other. As a gift, human beings left a group of people to serve as ghost food in the ghost world. For sustainable development, ghosts began to feed and breed these people. Ghosts called them food children. Since then, world peace. What days have humans lived? Ghosts don't know. Ghosts do usher in peace. They abide by the agreement and never go across the human world to hunt humans again.

    Emma and ray laughed and were very happy when they learned about it. They said"although it is the worst, there is still a goal". Therefore, Dong Lingjun said she was optimistic, but she also said that it was much better than expected.

    This is meaningful. The worst is better than expected. What logic is this? So what is worse than the worst in their imagination?This is not a brain teaser. Please calm down if you answer"worse".

    Combined with the context, donglingjun speculated that before they learned about it, they didn't have a score in their hearts. They didn't even have an ultimate goal. Take the child to Mr. Minerva first. What happens after that? They don't know, or Emma, they have pessimistic ideas, but they can only choose to trust Mr. Minerva. I've talked about this previous article and won't repeat it.

    They also have pessimistic and helpless thoughts,They even say that their real thoughts may be desperate.They just keep this despair in their hearts. As the leaders of the escape team, even if they are very pessimistic, they can't show it. Those who lead have the hardships of leadership. I don't have self-confidence. How can the team take me?

    So what do they think is"no goal"?Dongling guessed that they believed that ghosts defeated humans and completely ruled the earth. This idea is desperate enough. There are finished eggs under the nest. At the moment, even if they fled the farm, they could not find a place to live. After all, ghosts ruled the earth. Do not believe in life, want to fight with fate, but feel that life is thinner than paper. They urgently need to see"Tianyuan breaks through honglianluoyan"again.

    The information disclosed by Song Jie gave Emma a glimmer of hope in the desperate situation and hope from despair. No wonder they danced. You say they are not pessimistic, optimism can override everything. Dongling feels that optimism is only an appearance, and a strong desire for survival is the root. Who doesn't want to live well? In order to live, you can suppress pain and despair, and even deceive yourself and make yourself believe. In order to have the courage to live, they choose to believe in the slim chance of life.

    The more you look at the The Promised Neverland, the more interesting it will be. That's all for this article. Please long press the like button.

    The Promised Neverland: who said that love Elmar is only optimistic but not pessimistic? This sentence reveals her real idea The Promised Neverland: this sentence betrays Elmar, what is worse than the worst?

    review Elmar, the heroine of The Promised Neverland? Who says that Emma is only optimistic but not pessimistic? This sentence reveals her true thoughts



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