Brief comment on The Promised Neverland: if the children are clones, what do you think of being eaten?

    The representative work"Never Let Me Go"by Nobel laureate Ishiguro Yiyu has its own characteristics, which brings a lot of new perspectives for Dong Lingjun to watch animation. In this article, we continue to talk about the new popular work"The Promised Neverland"in January. From the perspective of this article, if the children in the orphanage are clones and their fate is"eaten", what should we think?

    In The Promised Neverland, an orphanage raised a group of children who would be sold to monster (ghost rent in the work) as food in the future. Later, the children found out the secret. It turned out that the orphanage was a"feedlot"of monster, so they began to escape from prison. According to the setting of dreamland, the orphan is a human (human race), and the human and the monster have reached a certain tacit understanding and recognized this behavior.

    The following involves spoilers. Encyclopedia describes this tacit understanding in this way. There is an ancient agreement.

    Refers to a thousand years ago, in order to protect the human race and the ghost race from hunting each other, the two"agreed"not to invade each other's world. In order to eat human flesh, the human race left some humans in the ghost world for ghosts to reproduce as human flesh for food. [eating human flesh is a necessary condition for the ghost to keep the race from declining. In other words, it is necessary for the ghosts to eat people. If they don't eat them, they will die]

    The setting of eating real people in Neverland seems to be in 2045. At that time, cloning technology should have been very developed, and we can easily get the following extensions.

    The Terrans have already signed a new contract and exchanged cloned humans for the humans left when they signed the contract. The unequal agreement signed by the Terran more than a thousand years ago finally has a better alternative. Emma and ray are clones.

    Add such a coat and look at The Promised Neverland. In addition to worrying about whether the protagonists can escape successfully and watching the protagonists fight with wisdom and courage, there is another ethical issue to discuss. If they knew their identity as human clones and that they had been sacrificed to ghosts, even if they fled back to the human circle, they would not be accepted by the people in that circle. They were doomed to be miserable all their lives. In this way, many people will fight for the injustice of those sacrificed clones. They also have"life", and they also have the right to pursue the meaning of life and the meaning of life.

    Once the big hat is worn, it may be even more popular, because many good people like to discuss it. However,"ethics"is not the issue that this article intends to discuss. It is useless to discuss it. It is a waste of time. It is better to see"Boogiepop"if you have the time to see how wonderful the story of people against evolution is.

    What are we talking about? With this coat, there is room for discussion on whether clones should be eaten. It is also possible to think about whether Terrans should be responsible for those sacrificed clones and whether it is humane to do so. Without this coat, we will only feel that"cannibalism"is unacceptable. The children must escape. It's not negotiable. As for who should be responsible for these left behind children, the issue of ethical direction will mostly be thrown out of the clouds.

    It seems that there is no discussion direction to watch human cloning vs Real people, and the exploration on ethical issues has disappeared. This is what donglingjun wants to talk about. How do Terrans treat the descendants of Terrans who are given to the ghost as food? Emma, they escaped from the territory of the ghost clan. Whether the Terran will accept them is a fun question.

    These people who were left as food became victims, and so did their offspring. In addition to the people who signed the contract at the beginning can come out and carry the pot (he is too cruel), in the future, people will enjoy a stable life of peaceful coexistence. As for those who once had a miserable fate in the ghost world, maybe they can only ha ha. You see, donglingjun is watching their escape story with relish. Although I firmly believe that only a few people can achieve good results when they escape, it is an impossible task to escape with everyone.

    Let's go back to the original agreement. If the ghost does not eat people, the race will decline, and the human race has no strength to eliminate the ghost. It's similar to the relationship between wolves and sheep, but sheep have wisdom. They don't want to worry all day (they don't know when wolves come back, where they come from and who will be eaten). They want to pursue certainty. Only in this way can they live a stable and happy life and improve the efficiency of grazing and migration. It's really a win-win decision to give some sheep to the wolf and let the wolf raise sheep by himself.

    Some sheep let others live an unhappy life in pursuit of happiness. In order to pursue happiness, those unfortunate sheep staged inspirational dramas. Maybe, in the end, these sheep signed an agreement and let other sheep be lambs to be slaughtered. Cycle, endless, that's what Nash equilibrium is. The Promised Neverland, agreement + dream + island. Look at the title, the future trend may be like this.

    It is easier to think of the essence of their sacrifice to regard the food children raised by the ghost as clones. Although there is the possibility of over interpretation of"The Promised Neverland"here, however, it is also a pleasure to watch a small animation and fill your brain with hi. Who says animation is childish? That's because they didn't watch it carefully.

    The logic at the bottom is the same for all kinds of reconciliation, what to use for peace, and more primitive sacrifices to gods with real people. Pursuit of happiness + poor strength.

    It's a long time. Let's get here first. I really hope there will be more content in the animation version of The Promised Neverland. Good works should tell the whole story clearly, because some things are more valuable than escaping from the story itself.

    Routine benefits: The Promised Neverland tells us that to change your destiny, you have to be stronger.

    Brief comment on The Promised Neverland: if the children are clones, what do you think of being eaten?



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