The Promised Neverland: how to get along with negative emotions? Come to this cartoon and see how hard the children work

    Good books are good medicine for happiness, and so is good animation. How to get along with negative emotions? Donglingjun recommends to have a look at the hegemony of The Promised Neverland in January. At present, the first season has been successfully completed. You can see enough at one time. Why is this a good work against negative emotions? At the end of the article list, donglingjun will give donglingjun's reasons.

    In this article, we will continue to chat about the last words of The Promised Neverland. Elmar and others have successfully escaped from the orphanage. The first milestone has been reached, and flowers are scattered to celebrate. At the same time, we will take a look at the twelfth words with a huge amount of information. How many bright or dark spots and information points do you see?

    Emma's"Norman set fire to commit suicide"successfully deceived Isabella, and her attention was diverted (there should be a subtitle here. Arson is risky, imitation should be cautious, pay attention to fire control, everyone is responsible). The children have time to escape. They climb the high wall of the orphanage, play with the slide rope, cross the cliff and successfully enter the forest. They usher in a new dawn, the infinite world of the future,Look forward to the second season.

    Magical clothes hanger

    Setting up the slide rope is very interesting."from zero to one"is completed by Dong. His throwing skill is too superb. This is a skill only possessed by Wulin experts. I don't know how long he has practiced."From one to n"is simple. Someone answers in front. It's reasonable for the hydraulic rocket to quickly set up a cableway. Some friends worry that the rope doesn't explain. In fact, they worry too much. They should pay more attention to whether the clothes hanger is strong enough.Good quality, which country?Donglingjun has never seen such a strong clothes hanger.

    Isabella's past

    Mother used to be very good at drama. This last remark is so beautiful. She had been blocked by the cliff, from an escapist to a succumbor to fate. Only she knew her pain. Ray was her child, which was really fragrant."Why are you leaving me?"in the face of Ray's question, my mother had only this pale answer"to live longer than anyone else".

    When she chased the children's escape place, Emma was the only one left to say goodbye to her. Mother stood on the high wall and watched the children go away. She sent her sincere blessing"go well and be careful on the road".

    Ideal and realistic choice

    Emma's initial wish was to escape the orphanage with all the children, but with the implementation of the plan, especially after Ray's self sacrifice, Emma goddess became a reality. She finally made a rational choice and left the children under the age of four. Emma made a promise to Phil that they would come back and save the children. The ideal is very plump, the reality is very skinny, and the children have really grown up.

    Quality Education in orphanages

    Details are demons. After the orphanage was burned, the left children had to camp in the open air. Look at this picture. It's well equipped and orderly. I really admire the disaster relief drill of the orphanage. I don't suffer on weekdays, but it takes time. It's common to see this picture, but when you put it into the real world, you really take it out and practice. It's estimated that few can do it. We don't practice at school. We can only practice with the children at home.

    Look at the children who escaped from the orphanage. The backpacks are really neat, and so are the Marines. With the above picture of playing with the slide rope, I can only sigh and ask,What classes do the children in this orphanage usually have?What normal school does mother go to.

    The highlight of the last sentence is over. Donglingjun wants to say:"successful escape is not as simple as that seen in the animation. Finally, this is telling that they are really preparing for their lives behind their backs".

    Routine benefits: if you want not to be eaten by others, you rely on luck for a good life, and you can only work hard for a bad life.I know that hard work is not everything, so I can only continue to believe in it. Because if we don't believe it, how can we continue to live?In the next part, I want to talk about the ED of fan drama. The lyrics also say this content. Welcome to pay attention to Dongling chat animation subscription reading, ask for praise and forwarding, 88.

    See, the chicken soup for the soul is coming. Such hard-earned children have managed to get rid of the fate of being eaten. What is that little negative emotion.

    List of old texts

    The Promised Neverland is only two steps away from the Nobel prize? The version of not running away is more sadistic [this chapter can see the thinking of empathy and compassion, and the humanistic care is warm]

    The Promised Neverland: the pathetic place of the poor, the product of discipline and punishment, nun chloney [this chapter can see the important point of discipline and punishment, and can reflect on how we are"brainwashed"into the present self, and go to the first place The Promised Neverland: if children were clones, what would they think of being eaten?

    ? [this article trains us to look at the people and things around us from a different perspective. It really feels different to look at their stories after people become non human.]

    Brief comment on The Promised Neverland Knowledge matters a lot. 】

    The Promised Neverland: beat Norman and ray in winter. What do you think of this uncivilized fellow? [a very good case of emotional management]

    Chat about The Promised Neverland:"Mission Impossible", who is the reliable person [to understand the original heart is the magic weapon against all unfair experiences]

    Haha, after reading all these contents, there will be no time for negative emotions. An effective way to get rid of misery is to let your mind Think about something else so that negative emotions don't have time to haunt your mind.

    The Promised Neverland: how to get along with negative emotions? Come to this cartoon and see how hard the children work



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