A brief comment on The Promised Neverland: only two steps away from the Nobel prize? The version that doesn’t run away is more cruel

    The Promised Neverland is only two steps away from the Nobel prize? It turned out that donglingjun would also the whole title party when necessary. Although animation is far away from winning the Nobel prize, this"The Promised Neverland"really has a lot to do with the prize.

    In the past, several children who had a"happy"day in the orphanage discovered a startling secret after talking about the opening setting of The Promised Neverland. It seems that the educational institution that nurtures their adults is actually a"breeding farm", where the children will be"shipped"before they are twelve years old - sold to monster as their plate lunch. Ray, Emma and Norman, the children who found the secret of"cannibalism"in the orphanage, wanted to"escape"with their partners in the orphanage, so they began to fight with the dean's mother, and a series of exciting stories began.

    At the beginning, donglingjun thought there was a pit here to educate such smart children against himself. Isn't there nothing to look for in the orphanage? Why do they have to educate their children in this way? Then the pit filling said that a smart head was more valuable and delicious, so it was raised like this. In the 8th and 9th words, we saw another reason for such education. The orphanage is very confident that it can control the rebellious children. Anyway, we can see that the education in this orphanage is quite open, and the children's nature is basically brought into play. At least before shipment, the children are happy.

    In fact, there is such an"orphanage B". Children here have been instilled with the idea of"being eaten mission"since childhood: they know that their destiny is to be eaten. Being eaten is glorious and noble for them, and the meaning of being raised (alive) is to be eaten. In addition to indoctrination (brainwashing), the orphanage is also full of Legends (horror stories) and mother's warnings, all of which tell the children that they are monitored all the time and there is no good end to escape. All this makes the children give up running away and resisting long ago, or they don't want to run away and resist, and think it's right to be eaten. This is their life, which is the embodiment of great dedication.

    Is it more cruel than The Promised Neverland? The children from the orphanage are all gentle lambs. They also have emotions and want to live for more years. However, they will only accept the absurdity of this fate silently.

    Different from the The Promised Neverland, they have to be"eaten"four times (organ donation is a good name). The people who can live to the fourth donation must experience more pain (execution VS beheading). At present, the progress of The Promised Neverland is closer to one stroke, and it will be over after one fear. From this point of view, orphanage B is a magnitude higher than the sadistic degree of The Promised Neverland. Sadness and resentment flow slowly.

    Starting to fill in the hole, this orphanage B, which is more abusive than the orphanage in The Promised Neverland, is called helsham school, which is from the science fiction Never Let Me Go. The author of this novel is Yixiong Ishiguro, the winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize for literature, a famous Japanese British novelist."Never Let Me Go"is one of the important works of Ishiguro Yiyu, and has been nominated for the Booker Prize. Is it related to the Nobel Prize? The title hole is finally filled in.

    It is human nature to know to be"sacrificed"as other people's"food"and wake up and resist. It's a bit against common sense to be willing to accept that you don't know how to resist and feel sad. Maybe it's just because it's against common sense, but it's very reasonable. With this contradiction, it's very close to winning the prize.

    It is human nature to wake up and resist. What we need to see later is how to resist and escape. It is the so-called struggle between justice and evil. The Promised Neverland shows such a wonderful story. Whether there will be any other Easter egg is very much expected.

    I don't know how to resist and feel sad. Either this is a bunch of weak cowards, or there are other reasons. Never Let Me Go tells the life of an orphan with a plain story, which makes the audience feel why and reflect on the meaning of life.

    Why don't the donors in Never Let Me Go resist? There are some similarities between the characters and the nun chloney in Neverland who wants to be a"mother"(orphanage keeper). The space is limited. Donglingjun will open a separate article on this topic in the future Please follow the subscription. Nun Clooney's part of the play is too few. It's not easy for this person. You can know from her behavior that there are absolutely a lot of pain and sadness. Is this going to spread it to her in the future?

    When we talk about this, we have completed the relationship between The Promised Neverland and the Nobel prize. Often reading Dongling chat animation is not a little deja vu. Almost the initial setting, the author's hand (the hand of God) has arranged different choices, and the experience has been greatly improved. I will ask questions. The key point is that I can bring multiple versions and benefit a lot.

    After the text, let's talk about some feelings. It's good to know to bring multiple versions, but it's easier to know than to do, and it's not easy to develop a complete story. For example, it is accidental to meet the work"Never Let Me Go". What kind of intelligent recommendation and interest recommendation should we rely on? It is estimated that we will never meet each other."The Promised Neverland"how to recommend related estimates are also animation circle works, and"Never Let Me Go"may recommend"blade killer"or other works to you, but it is difficult to cross the animation circle, which is the so-called"information island effect"and"circle".

    Just as"The Promised Neverland"and"Never Let Me Go"are also two isolated islands, both of which are isolated"feedlots". What kind of information children can access comes from the arrangement of Da Shen behind the scenes, which is a great sadness. A very important thing in the process of Emma and Norman's escape is to collect scattered information everywhere. It is not easy to piece together various clues, some are very obscure, and some are difficult to obtain. Anyway, there are"kind"people who provide these clues, which is the premise for them to find clues. Once the people who are willing to provide these clues are gone, or the access is locked, the funny story will really disappear, and all that remains is boredom and sadness."Never Let Me Go"has a sense of complete isolation. All the clues point to obedience and acceptance of fate. The best hint is that there is a way to delay donation for several years (death reprieve), because these orphans are labeled as"clones", which is a one-sided world. This thing can't be broken. We can only wait for a miracle (awakening).

    Here's the code. Let's finish first. This random article may have been recommended by the machine. Send it to try. If you are lucky to see it, Congratulations, you have also opened up two small islands. Donglingjun is always so selfish. I hope his favorite animation can be linked with more sections. If you think this is meaningful, please like it and forward it. Each of your small actions will produce magical effects behind the huge algorithm. Thank you.

    A brief comment on The Promised Neverland: only two steps away from the Nobel prize? The version that doesn’t run away is more cruel



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