Brief comment on The Promised Neverland: is smart head more delicious? A smart head doesn’t grow hair. It’s a hard filling pit. I can’t believe it

    Then we talk about The Promised Neverland, the first story of which is that the children in the orphanage were raised as livestock, but they were taught knowledge, tested and ranked with scores. Teaching a group of high IQ children to escape and rebel is not worth the loss. Soon the second word began to fill the hole.

    Norman and Emma, who have first seen the secret of cannibalism in the orphanage, infer from experience that the child's age is equal to the grade, the most common at the age of six and the most senior at the age of twelve. The shipping order will be harvested in the order of score from low to high.

    The little brothers seem to have filled in the pit of education and examination. But I always think this thing is strange. The pit filling is not perfect. The likes and arrangements of those monster who eat people are really strange.

    Their inference is based on the summary of facts and experience. Like the"Russell's Turkey problem"mentioned in the previous article, it has limitations. One is not comprehensive, and the other is to explain why it is far fetched. Why is the cannibal monster so arranged? A pit had just been filled, and then another deep pit. This is waiting for the plot of The Promised Neverland to unfold.

    If you don't think the pit is filled strangely, you think it has been filled perfectly. Welcome to read on.

    The most common at the age of six and the most advanced at the age of twelve. It's understandable that the price is high. After all, the cost of raising more than a few years is high. However, it is still very risky for those with high scores to stay at the end (these high IQ people are going to run this time. If they don't get high scores, they will stay to end their grievances), unless they can obtain higher benefits.

    What benefits can be obtained? The two little children in the animation began to make subjective inferences again. They felt that the brains of highly intelligent children were more delicious (the more developed the brain was, the more delicious it was). Rare goods can be lived in, and it is natural to keep them and sell them at a high price. Therefore, no matter how high the risk and cost are. Donglingjun doesn't know how this idea came from. It is estimated that it is the consequence of seeing too many"advertisements". For example, what to eat? Eat kidney to supplement kidney, deer x tiger x to supplement that, and brain to supplement brain. For example, the milk produced by"happy"cows is more delicious. If you read more, you will think that a smart head is more nourishing and delicious.

    Is it true that"a smart head is more delicious"? Then we'll wait for the cops to talk. Donglingjun himself thinks it should be unreliable. Because he feels the same as the famous saying"a busy road does not grow grass, a smart head does not grow hair".

    Even if the brain with high score is more delicious and can sell at a high price, the risk of preservation should also be considered. It's dangerous to save big people, especially smart people. In order to taste a little bit, I can not help but make it. Those cannibal monster should have other considerations. The Promised Neverland how to say let him go, anyway donglingjun do not believe, he will see a happy ah.

    Focus,"what you eat makes up what you eat"is not necessarily reliable,"smart brain and delicious"are also taken for granted. If you don't believe it, you can try the fish head. First give the fish a test score, and then the gourmet people will taste it. I just want to remind myself that we should be vigilant against all kinds of advertisements and prevent deception. Many things taken for granted are not really reliable.

    Routine welfare: when talking about The Promised Neverland, Norman and Elmar made an important decision to take the orphanage children to escape together. The ideal world, the ideal goal, will it hit the face in the end? Another pit.

    Brief comment on The Promised Neverland: is smart head more delicious? A smart head doesn’t grow hair. It’s a hard filling pit. I can’t believe it



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