review the ending of the second season of The Promised Neverland? Some people believe in the beginning of the dream. Why don’t people believe in the end of the magic?

    This article talks about the ending of the animated version of The Promised Neverland. Please detour from the original book. Donglingjun didn't read the original book. Here we just talk about his views on the ending.

    "Neverland"is believed at the beginning of the dream, but the magic ending is said to be a bad ending. Is this ending really bad? 9.8 points start, 2.7 points end,"The Promised Neverland"really did not break the appointment?

    From the start of 9.8 points in the first season to the end of 2.7 points in the second season,"The Promised Neverland"can be said to take a roller coaster back. There are ups and downs. Some people say that the second quarter was destroyed because the original works of magic reform did not respect the original works, while others say that it was because there was no funds for withdrawal halfway. The audience is not wrong, the audience will not be wrong. As a rational audience, I don't think this ending is a bad ending. It can be an ideal ending on the premise ofMaintaining people's. It doesn't matter whether people like it or not. What matters is whether it is reasonable and can stand scrutiny.

    It is easy to have a hole in the dream start. I talked about the start of The Promised Neverland before and transplanted"Russell's Turkey problem". A group of orphans suddenly found that their ultimate destiny was to be sent to the table by the keeper (God). They want to resist the fate of being eaten. They plan how to escape the orphanage.

    Dong Lingjun also introduced a similar work"Never Let Me Go". The clones raised knew that their future destiny was to donate organs until they died, butThey chose not to resist.Why? Because resistance is ineffective.Which chicken in the chicken farm got rid of the fate of being slaughtered?No.

    From this point of view, the beginning of The Promised Neverland is very mysterious and difficult to set up. In order to set it up, the animation forces the material, they areRunning stealthily, secretly planning to escape.Everything is based on confidentiality, and confidentiality is the priority. In order to keep secrets, brother Norman even chose to sacrifice himself and be shipped.Finally, the children escaped from the orphanage (farm).

    For the two groups of people with great differences in strength, ghosts have the absolute advantage. Although the children can escape from the orphanage, the wisdom is indispensable, but the existence of the big setting of confidentiality (unequal information) makes this story established.

    When the children fled the orphanage,The secret was gone and the position was transparent. The pit dug in front is hard to fill. It's like the Japanese occupied China. Can they not catch a few guerrilla Tuba roads by name in the occupied area? If you can't catch it by force, that's the way of all kinds of divine dramas.

    Whether noble people come to help or friendly forces help hide, in short, it is very difficult to make up. In short, it is necessary to catch alive for various reasons. The protagonist does not die. In the end, it really created the big play of"hand tearing devils".

    So we saw that the animation version was lazy in the second quarter, greatly shrinking the plot ofFighting guerrillas, understatement, and soon came to the eve of"liberation". It turned out that devils also had weaknesses, and devils began to be disunited, which gave humans an opportunity.

    The audience is very dissatisfied with this. How can the best content be deleted? Donglingjun wants to say that it is difficult to be convincing if there is no better. Since the children and ghosts have made clear the opposing relationship, and since there is no secret, this play should be a one-sided play of the ghost family chasing and killing the children, and the children will sacrifice one by one , will sell all kinds of miserably , it was a tragic drama of all kinds of heroic sacrifices.

    However,"The Promised Neverland"also has a virgin Elmar's setting, her ideal world is hello, I am good, everyone is good, everyone is good at jade. Many people died and many ghosts died. Is that still called Neverland? That's not the ideal world. The production team should stick to this pure land, which is called feelings. Our play can't bleed too much, our play can't be too tragic, and we should follow the dream of not dying in the first season.

    How can the two contradictions be integrated in the second quarter? In the short second season, the production team quickly caught the contradiction.Why do ghosts eat people? Because if you don't eat people, the ghost clan will degenerate. Can we solve this unsolved problem peacefully?Yes, the evil blood girl muhika is the key to solve all contradictions. Her blood can make other ghosts have permanent human form and wisdom, so that ghosts don't need to eat people.

    It's so simple that you don't have to fight ghosts and people. Why did you go early? Good is rewarded with good, and evil with evil. It's not a failure. The time has not come. In fact, the management of the ghost family depends on"cannibalism"to manage ghosts and let ghosts work hard to make money to buy meat, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of ghost labor. If you can live by eating leaves and basking in the sun, how can an organized ghost society be formed if any ghost still wants to work hard? Without organization and society, managers will not have superior status and power. Therefore, eating meat (desire) can't be lost.

    Emma wants to solve the ultimate problem of ghosts eating people. She takes human beings and a wave of ghosts yearning for freedom to send warmth to ghosts. In the future, you don't have to worry about eating meat anymore, and the ghost society will collapse and rebuild.

    Without the motivation of cannibalism, there will be no resistance and difficulty for the children to escape back to the human world, and The Promised Neverland will end successfully.

    Look at the ending. The logic is smooth and there are no major problems. What's more, there are not many dead people (ghosts don't have to die). Is this solution not satisfactory enough? The score of 2.7 is really low. Does it have to look at the ending of"Never Let Me Go"where all the people go to the grave?

    The above is Dong Lingjun's views on the ending of The Promised Neverland.Some viewers want to see the process. The second season of the play is unqualified,But what donglingjun wants to see is the result. In the first season, ghosts must eat people, which can't solve the contradiction. I was thinking, how to solve this contradiction? After watching the second season, it turns out that this contradiction is so easy to solve,It's OK to make up a evil blood girl who produces her own holy medicine,I get what I want."The Promised Neverland"did not break the agreement.

    Routine benefits: there is no contradiction that cannot be solved, but I refuse to make it up and I refuse to believe it. Perhaps even contradictions are fabricated and made out of nothing. Some people are more likely to believe in a fabricated contradiction, but they are unwilling to believe in the existence of a solution to the contradiction.

    After reading The Promised Neverland, you can believe everything or not.It's better to have fewer troubles, especially those"created"by people.Because we have no solution after racking our brains to resolve them,People who make up stories can resolve them in one sentence. People who read stories are easy to be led away and fall into the pit planed by others.

    Site URL, detailed understanding of"Never Let Me Go":"The Promised Neverland"is only two steps from the Nobel prize? The version that doesn't run away is more cruel

    review the ending of the second season of The Promised Neverland? Some people believe in the beginning of the dream. Why don’t people believe in the end of the magic?



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