review Guoman’s Ling Cage:Incarnation? Is it inevitable or accidental that Captain mark became an”Orc”? Need scarcity to be the protagonist of battle man? Mark is not immune to vulgarity

    Gossiping about Guoman's"Ling Cage:Incarnation"and the good times raised by the crowd, it won't be blown here. The reputation and popularity are there. When the animation comes to an end, Dongling Jun comes to talk about captain mark.

    In the works of general battle themes, courage, perseverance, forbearance, combat effectiveness, wisdom, humor and dedication can be the hero if the hero is crowded with a few. But in science fiction, fantasy and ghost animation, these are far from enough. To be an absolute protagonist, you also need other characteristics, such as opening and hanging ability (talent), life background (fighting father and race), good luck (peerless baby recognizes the Lord), etc.In short, there should be scarcity, standards and strict scarcity.

    At the beginning of watching"Ling Cage:Incarnation", Dong Lingjun thought that captain Mark was the type of general military tough guy dramas. However, seeing the end of the first paragraph, I found that captain Mark was forced to become a scarce male owner. His change of identity is interesting.

    At first, I regarded him as a hero. How brave he was to defend the lighthouse with wilderness hunters and treat his comrades in arms like brothers. Have the courage to challenge the old"wartime rules"that are not humanized enough to seek welfare for the people under the lighthouse.

    Later, comrade mark fell in love. Eh ~, the iron man was tender. He fought for sister ran Bing. Heroes are becoming more and more humane. Captain mark became a standard man.

    The power change of the lighthouse management is coming. Can captain mark, who is too human, act as the city master? From a rational point of view, he is really not suitable. Later, sure enough, he was carried out by Charles the great. The beauty"trick"was related to 4068 (what's the relationship between 486 and 4068). This is the same as the breakthrough of Honglian Tianyuan. Some people are only suitable to be heroes and are doomed not to be leaders. For the sake of women, the people and the city Lord, Captain mark was accidentally made into a"Orc".

    The beastly mark sucked ran Bing dry and collapsed the lighthouse. This wave of operation led to controversy. Captain Mark's achievements and mistakes have become the topic of discussion among manyou.

    Where's captain mark from? Why did the old city owner say he was the one who decided the fate of mankind? Where will he go when he becomes a sinner and an orc? The last three questions, the special article gives some answers.

    This is the mission of heaven. Only orcs can deceive the enemy's"automatic identification defense system", make trouble, completely end the current ecosystem unfavorable to mankind and restart a new era. There is only one Orc in the world, Captain mark.

    This routine has been seen in many animes,Only your special ability can resist strong enemies and save the world.

    Hey, how did captain mark go back to the old way of other animation men?Is this accidental or inevitable?The answer is not important. Let's see if we can reverse it in the next episode.

    Routine complaints: I don't know if captain mark is really scarce. I only know that the setting that only orcs can finally solve the problem is really coquettish. It's like,Captain mark is destined to become an orc. It was first that some became orcs, and then there was this setting. It's still the first setting, and then it turns him into an ORC.

    If it's the former, the screenwriter feels that it's too casual to write the play. If the latter, in addition to marveling at the strange idea, I have to talk about it. Together with you (both positive and negative characters), you are united step by step, and finally turn captain mark into an ORC. To realize the process of becoming an orc, I was terrified. At the beginning, I said,"brother, you are gifted. You have a father to fight. You are a material that can be made". Wouldn't it be more magnanimous. What do you think of this.

    Chatting about Ling Cage:Incarnation: how rare is it to be the protagonist of battle? Mark can not avoid the vulgar chat"Ling Cage:Incarnation": Captain Mark became a"Orc", which is inevitable or accidental?

    review Guoman’s Ling Cage:Incarnation? Is it inevitable or accidental that Captain mark became an”Orc”? Need scarcity to be the protagonist of battle man? Mark is not immune to vulgarity



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