What kind of animation is similar to To Your Eternity? Overseas experts have recommended these related animations. There is always one you will like

    Before the analysis of the popular animation"To Your Eternity"why there is content is very durable. There are manyou in the message area to recommend similar animation. Coincidentally, he found a post shared by an overseas talent when matching the pictures. He believed that these animations are similar to"To Your Eternity"in some aspects. No matter what you like about To Your Eternity? You can always find what you like in these animations. In this article, I would like to recommend some of these animations.

    Foreigners' comments suggested that"mature tone"and"realistic fantasy setting"were one of the reasons for the success of To Your Eternity. In order to"find stimulation"and understand the surrounding world, an immortal ball (life body) was thrown to the earth to experience life. Fantasy setting, but the content feels very realistic. A group of children appeared, but the tone felt very mature. This makes the work feel different.

    Because To Your Eternity is different, fans will find it difficult to find works with similar theme types. There are few similar ones, so if you want to find similarity, you have to save the country by curve. You can only start with similar elements or feelings. So I found these animes.

    Haibane Renmei's grey feather alliance

    Similarities: Mystery and world outlook

    The old man in 2002, the world outlook of this work has much in common with the world outlook of the end of the world in Haruki Murakami's novel the end of the world and a cold foreign land. Deep psychological description, unique and incredible world outlook, themes touching the heart, sad and heavy content. These words are an introduction to the grey feather alliance in an encyclopedia. They are very similar to immortal.

    Girls break out of their cocoons and see old buildings and ancient villages, which are very familiar. However, with the protagonist's understanding of the"grey feather alliance", things lurking in the dark emerge. Like the masked characters in To Your Eternity, the animation is dominated by mystery everywhere.

    Scratched Princess

    Similarities: there is a very similar story

    There is a story in immortality. Maggie was selected by the witch as a sacrifice to the bear God. The story of the abandoned princess is similar. There is a very effective religion. Its 5111th prophecy says that Princess pashifica will destroy the world on her sixteenth birthday. The royal family and other forces tried to kill the princess. Like Maggie, she was saved because of the kindness and bravery of others. Later, the truth of the prophecy gradually surfaced. The prophecy was deceptive.

    Kino's Journey Kino's Journey

    Similarities: exploring the dark side of the world

    . To travel to the new world and understand the new world is totally in line with the original intention of Kino's Journey. She not only explores the world, but also dares to show the dark side of the world, which is very similar to To Your Eternity.

    Girls' last tour

    Similarities: Reflection on life

    Is another story about the journey. This"girl's final journey"is a journey to the end of the world. Like you, this animation also asks, what is the purpose of living in this world? What makes life valuable?

    One of the best plots in"To Your Eternity"is that immortality finds simple pleasures in life, such as eating fruit and laughing with friends.

    Such small things are difficult for ordinary people to perceive. But in the girl's final journey, they can make Qianhu and Yuli continue to move forward without anything. People at the end of the world and those who don't understand people can realize the beauty of these small things.


    Similarities: Immortal fighting is different from ordinary people

    "To Your Eternity"is famous for its story, but its fighting scenes are also impressive. Do you still want to seePeople with immortalityFight? Baccano! Is a good choice.

    You can't die no matter how you fight,There are many scars with a sense of security, which is really rare for ordinary combat works. Baccano's setting just meets this requirement. People who drink Baccano! Will not die no matter what kind of injury they suffer. The only way to die is to kill each other after drinking Baccano. Only the knocker can cause damage toImmortal, which is very similar. It's just that these people don't change.

    Sweetness and Lightning"innocence and lightning"

    Similarities: there must be a lot of Maggie powder in similar characters

    "To Your Eternity". Her vitality, motherhood and empathy are impressive."Innocence and lightning"also has a similar girl, Yuki kozuka. She has a lively personality, is energetic and can eat very well.

    The story of a single father who just lost his spouse living with his 5-year-old daughter, kyushi tsuzuka. Parents can feel the emotion inside, and ordinary audiences can also enjoy care and love. It's nice to have such a sensible daughter. Although yazuka kaushi did not like Maggie's"great death", they all lived a glorious life.

    Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit spirit Guardian

    Similarities: in my opinion, this animation is only meaningful, unspeakable, excellent and full of charm

    It is said that this spirit guardian can also be regarded as a special classic for foreigners. It is an animation adapted from children's literature. Rich world construction and lovely characters. The story of the female bodyguard taking the second prince to avoid hunting. The painting style is beautiful and the story content is fascinating.

    Above are some animations introduced by Da Shen which are similar to To Your Eternity. The original text also introduces the entomologist, Natsume's Book of Friends andSpice and Wolf. You're right. The last popular science animation of economics was also recommended because the dialogue is deep, and one of the protagonists, helo, is also a wolf.Coincidentally, there are wolves, and the foreigner's idea is so surprised.

    End nonsense: the original animation codeword is also a technical activity. It's even more artistic work to find out the similarities from the lack of similarities.

    You can walk around the world with reason, but you can't walk without reason. If you find reason from unreasonable, you can still travel all over the world. I used to think this was a joke. Now, it's amazing.

    If you like"To Your Eternity", it is recommended to look at these animations again. There is always one you will like"To Your Eternity"? Overseas talent recommended which of these related animations are similar to"To Your Eternity"?

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    Actually summarized the animation of so many girls' travel, and then added Yokohama shopping chronicle, which was also one of the works with novel and unique style at that time.

    What kind of animation is similar to To Your Eternity? Overseas experts have recommended these related animations. There is always one you will like



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