Privacy: how to evaluate Zhou Meili, the heroine of The best in Chinese? Dudu is really not a vase dragon suit. I couldn’t understand it when I was a child

    This topic, Zhou Meili is a vase dragon suit? Those who can say that are too young.

    Who is Zhou Meili? After 80 familiar animation"The best in Chinese"in the female owner doodle, in the new version of this sister can finally use the real name without naming sausage. This woman looks beautiful and has a strong figure. She looks like her dead mother. She is the"eldest sister"in Shiro's mouth.

    Zhou Meili likes Liu Pleiades and is also the beloved of Liu angxing. She is not only the daughter of Guangzhou famous chef Zhou Yu, but also has a childhood relationship with seven star knife Ryan.

    Zhou Meili is not a cook, but she can be a hostess in a hot-blooded food. This is still rare in similar animation (such as Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma) or film and television works. In the past, when watching the old version of animation, donglingjun only felt that Mei Li's role was to be with Shiro to activate the animation atmosphere, let the little master take care of her, and trigger some branch plots. She is the face value in the play. To put it bluntly, she is a vase. There will be nothing less for animation to delete her part.

    After reading the new version of Kitchen God in charge, Dong Lingjun felt that his previous idea was very wrong. Zhou Meili was really not a vase dragon suit, and her role was by no means what he saw on the surface.

    In the bright future, she is the beloved of Liu Pleiades and can give inspiration and Enlightenment to the small leader.

    After the appearance of the five tigers in the dark cooking world, Mei Li suddenly had more scenes."Flying saint"Zhu Qi pretends to be an innocent young cook and pursues Mei Li by various means. In order to stimulate Liu Pleiades and destroy his self-confidence, Zhu Qi deliberately kissed Mei Li's lips in Leshan Giant Buddha.

    "there is no woman in my heart, cooking is a natural God". In the face of Mei Li's small temper, Liu Pleiades, who was stimulated by emotion, messed up her square inches, and the dishes she made were out of standard. Can you say that the hostess doesn't work?

    "there is a woman in the heart, and the cooking God is the upper body". Science students fall in love, so they try to prove it. The cook is in love, so he must cook. In order to get her sister back, Liu Pleiades challenged Zhu Qi to express her love for Mei Li with vegetables. The combat effectiveness and potential of chefs are 100 million percent stimulated. Can you still say that the woman is a vase?

    Mei Li is not a cook, but she can be a judge. Her understanding of cooking is no worse than those chefs. Her objective and fair review helped Liu regain confidence. After the duel, the men and women decided to have a love relationship, and their emotional connection was more stable.

    This"jealous"story makes many people unhappy. How can Mei Li be so easily seduced by Zhu Qi. Mei Li's position is not firm. Let's change"Qiong arrow"Li Ke to be the hostess. In terms of cooking skills and the ability to taste food, Li Ke completely beats Zhou Meili, and her character and appearance are no worse than Mei Li.

    After calm comparison, it is not difficult to find that there is a rude remark here, which is careless. Zhou Meili's birth killed others. I didn't think about it when I was a child.

    On the dark side, the"kitchen world"of those who have won Meili

    Zhou Yu and Luo Tian of Yangquan restaurant have a deep position and contacts in the chef world. Everyone has seen the drama focusing on the cultivation of a son-in-law. Can you say that there is no such logic in this The best in Chinese? Liu angxing is indeed gifted and of good origin (Sichuan cuisine fairy and someone's son). But Abbe died after all, and his father hid it very deeply.

    Liu angxing's chef needs to go far, well and long, which needs the cultivation of his predecessors and the recognition of his peers. Otherwise, even if his cooking level is higher, it will be useless for the chef industry to block him. From this point of view, the importance of sister Zhou Meili is self-evident. Zhou Meili is not only a vase, but also a"noble"of Liu Pleiades.

    Ryan and Xie Lu are willing to be green leaves. They work as bodyguards and cooks to accompany Liu angxing on the road. Maybe this is the result of the predecessors' greeting and ideological work.

    Above: when we don't go out of the kitchen god, we only watch the animation"The best in Chinese"and don't think Melido is important. Later, it was found that the rhythm of the area was too young to really understand the hidden logic in The best in Chinese. Seeing the barrage that let Li Ke be the mistress again, Dong Lingjun will only laugh away.

    What The best in Chinese didn't think of when it was a child, or when it grew up, until it met From the perspective of food materials, The best in Chinese is also a food theme, which is far ahead of the routine welfare

    : it is said that Zhou Meili in the cartoon is a woman who can see the growth and change, with a cheerful and optimistic personality in the early stage, after joining four Lang in the mid-term, there are more lively interests, and in the later stage, she is gradually stable and mature. It is worth looking forward to whether animation can perform these changes.

    Privacy: how to evaluate Zhou Meili, the heroine of The best in Chinese? Dudu is really not a vase dragon suit. I couldn’t understand it when I was a child



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