review the Animation Workshop’s”men’s times”is the same as before, lacking the main line and scoring a little low

    Looking at the barrage, I heard that"chibao"was very busy in October. I don't know why. A search just know that several animation stories happened in the pool bag this place, there is also a name simply called"IWGP.". Read a few words and chat briefly.

    "IWGP"is a novel change, there is a real TV series, so the quality of the original work should not be bad, it is a work of reasoning theme. The protagonist zhendaocheng, nicknamed"Ikebukuro's trouble terminator", was once a well-known bad boy in Ikebukuro (the animated version doesn't seem to explain this), helping in the home fruit store (that is, a little brother selling fruit). Often solve problems for the local people. The animated version revolves around him solving problems for others.

    Why can a little brother selling fruit solve so many troubles?

    Because his feet are"black and white", he and Ando Chong are good friends, while Ando Chong is the leader of the"g youth"of Ikebukuro youth gang, known as the"King", who is Ikebukuro's best fighter. Zhendaocheng also has a good relationship with the police and can always find the support of some insiders.

    What troubles has he solved? Each unit is different. I feel that there is a lack of a main line. I am deeply impressed by how to solve the problem of gang infighting and bring peace to the local area. It also helped migrant girls from China to avoid the joint repatriation of some people.

    This animation is currently rated 7.6 and feels a little underground. The reason is also very simple. The things that deeply reflect the reality of Japan in the 1990s in the original work are not expressed in the original. As a work of youth reasoning theme, the animation performance of reasoning part is not enough. There may be force majeure factors here. In order to broadcast smoothly, the dark things were forcibly deleted and only social and human feelings were retained. But this does cause the work to be slightly dull and lack of continuity.

    For example, the first thing I want to do is to help clean up a poison nest. I feel that he is targeted by bad guys and will be retaliated. However, there is no following. In short, it's a little regrettable.

    Is there anything else worth talking about this animation? Yes, its producer is"Animation Workshop".

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    review the Animation Workshop’s”men’s times”is the same as before, lacking the main line and scoring a little low



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