“Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!(God bless me?)”review: what will happen if there is a negative ability in different world?

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    Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!(God bless me?)?

    Is it really that easy to calculate the average? Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

    Review Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!(God bless me?)? 》Another light change animation through the theme. Enough sand sculpture, enough cool. The protagonist is a female child. Yes, it is the female version of long Aotian, and she also brings her own flag. She wants to live an ordinary life, so that I thought of another work"this female master is obviously super strong but too modest". Whether there is a light lily is unknown. Four female attendants plus a mascot. Look at this configuration, the audience can eat all men and women, and there are surrounding areas to buy. So donglingjun is very optimistic about this animation, although its funds are really poor.

    The initial setting of this animation is its work name. An 18-year-old Japanese girl, Kurihara Haihai, sacrificed herself to save others and was killed by a car. She was reincarnated into a different world. Good people have good returns. God wants to meet her wishes when she is reborn. Li Yuanhai (hereinafter referred to as Mai Lu) was too outstanding in her life and alienated by her friends, so she wanted to be an ordinary person in the next life. So she asked that"ability should be the average value of that world".

    As we all know, ability is indeed the average value, but she is still the strong among the strong. She is not an ordinary person because her ability = (the weakest human + the strongest Cologne in History) /2. There is a subtitle"God bless me?", this is talking about immortals. Can't you do math?

    People who know a little about data analysis understand that this pot should not be carried by immortals. Milu's vague description and her poor math are the main problems. The average value of that world is too general and vague. There are many statistical methods. What is the statistical scope? Is sampling statistics performed? How to sample? Weighted average or arithmetic average? There are harmonic mean, geometric mean and so on. Is it the mode, the median, or one of those averages?

    This tells us that we intend to put forward requirements with mathematical concepts. It is best to use rigorous mathematical expressions.

    What is needed here is not a God who is good at data analysis, but a Da Shen who is good at psychological analysis. Let Milu express what she really wants. Here, manyou who are familiar with the Dongling routine will think that the following is the popular science period, and the explanation of various averages? No, it's still my own encyclopedia. It's too boring. We're going to open a brain hole and switch to another fun question.

    Since this Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!(God bless me?)? 》Animation mentioned the problem of numerical calculation, so we have to ask, isn't the ability value of dragon particularly high? If you want to quickly lower the average value, in addition to increasing the number of statistical samples (and the value of these samples is still 0), is there a faster method? Yes, it is faster to introduce a negative value. Then the final question to be discussed in this article comes out. Is there a negative value ability? What if there are negative people in different worlds?

    It is reasonable to say that ability is a natural thing in different worlds. Natural numbers are the most appropriate, but the lowest is 0 (why should 0 be classified as natural numbers? There are stories behind it. Those who are interested can encyclopedia by themselves). The ability to negative values does not exist.

    However, if you don't follow reason and only look at logic, it seems that there are still negative abilities. For example, when you hit your opponent, the opponent loses blood when attacked, and the attack power is positive. If you hit your opponent, the opponent will not lose blood but grow blood after being attacked. This ability is very common. Isn't it a blood regeneration skill? It's just that it's not the enemy but the friendly army that is"beaten". It is suggested to supplement Laofan's"Karin"and his benchmarking work of"negative ability".

    Logically speaking, if you insist on attacking the enemy with blood regeneration skills, it can be regarded as negative attack damage, and negative abilities exist. Such a stir, a magical scene is about to happen. Many skills are just the extension of other abilities on the negative axis. If you calculate the average value in this way, it may be 0 on average. Then, (the weakest human + the strongest ancient dragon in History) /2 may not be really high.

    Negative ability is a magical thing. If you improve your skill of a certain value and use it on the enemy, it will become the negative ability to reduce the corresponding value skill of the enemy. The example in the third dimension of this thing may be better understood. Being good at stealing is a annoying ability for our own people, but when it is used to steal the enemy's materials, it becomes a"divine thief". Stealing ability itself can be positive or negative. The key depends on where and how to use it. A debilitating God puts a shit stirring stick on his own side, and throwing it on his opponent's side is comparable to a strong attack. For example, the last article talked about"We Never Learn, domestic service does not have to work, the employer paste please eat and drink, animation female owners why enjoy such treatment?"? 》, acquaintance society, for acquaintances in small circles, migrant workers can enjoy good treatment without working. Happiness is full of positive energy. But on the other hand, for those strangers outside the circle, this is another kind of"negative ability", which is unpleasant to see. It belongs to the negative energy of darkness.

    Above, I talked about the negative capacity of different world,"Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!(God bless me?)? 》It turns out that it's not just a sand sculpture animation. After careful study, it can also become a brain burning animation. The same skills don't matter whether they are positive or negative. The key depends on how you use them and who you use them for.

    Routine benefits: donglingjun doesn't play games very much. Do you have skills and games that can replenish blood for the enemy? How will you treat your teammates with this ability? Comments go. I think it's interesting. Please pay attention to it in the upper right corner.


    Postscript: various elite posts in the comment area

    Wangqirong1983: the red police modified the negative value of money, added money to produce things, and returned blood from nuclear weapons attacks

    Chaotic origin: Warcraft does not allow negative numbers by default. The most interesting thing is to implant a unit in Warcraft, which can be split indefinitely, and finally lead to the overflow of the whole map

    Chaotic origin: nothing, it is determined that it is 0 damage, no damage Blood return

    Yvexiaduzhuo_ y: Of course, it's the overall average. μ says it's from that world. When the number of samples in the population is large enough, the ability is close to the normal distribution, while in the normal distribution, the mean of the mode is one. EMM as for negative capability, it may exist, because the capability value is obviously isometric data, there is no absolute zero point, and its standard (relative zero point) can be determined manually.

    Jtmsong: This is not a negative number, it's an imaginary number. Ability to extend beyond the number axis? The rate obviously cannot be negative. In a fixed reference frame, there must be an instantaneous rate when you move in any direction, and when you are stationary, the speed rate is 0. The corresponding mass is also impossible or negative. What does a negative speed or mass mean! No volume, no energy. This substance will not exert any force on anything. It can be everywhere or anywhere. I think this kind of thing is beyond the membrane universe, because the laws of our universe are no longer applicable to it

    MA Su from Baibi, Daming Temple: there are three kinds of negative abilities and one kind of negative opponent. Second, on the one hand, it strengthens other aspects. The third is to take full responsibility. But any negative ability is useful, just use it in the right place.For example, the negative side's lucky defense material skill. If the enemy has the ability to absorb what he has given himself. Then negative ability is useful.

    Negative ability value is effective against skills such as star sucking method. In attack and defense, it's called honeypot bait.

    Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!(God bless me?): what will happen if there is negative ability in different world?Directory
    “Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!(God bless me?)”review: what will happen if there is a negative ability in different world?



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