review Link Click? A suspense to play back and forth is not to uncover the pot, Conan said this routine I am familiar with

    Continue to Amway Guoman"Link Click", thought it was the unit story of the connotation of healing time, read more just know, this is a suspense animation. Look at the rhythm. It's a knife (a puzzle) from beginning to end. Conan will be able to see a smile:"this routine I know, if it and I can adhere to a few hundred sets, it can also become a classic.".

    "Link Click"two miracles opened a"time photo studio", two people can go back to the past with the help of old photos, and complete some special entrusted tasks.

    They have a principle of"regardless of the past, don't ask the future", and try not to change the past and affect the future. However, the principle is rational and the action confirmation is random. Cheng hour, who is responsible for carrying out the task, is only a black haired and hot-blooded young man after all. He will always do something that doesn't go according to the plan.

    In the first task at the beginning, Cheng was kind and did something for the hostess that she would not have done. As a result, her little sister Emma was killed.

    Lu Guang, who was in charge of making the plan, learned about it from the news. He said he was silent and didn't tell Cheng hours. Good intentions do bad things. This pot is too heavy for Cheng hour. Lu Guang is afraid he can't afford it.

    How did Emma die? What is the causal relationship with Cheng's good faith operation? This suspense, this knife stays at the first word.

    Later, photos of Emma's little sister will appear from time to time to remind the audience that affecting the past will TM change the future and cause serious consequences. Emma's death is hard evidence. Today a small knife, tomorrow a big knife, but this animation is strict, do not say the answer.

    Later, the police uncle stepped in and asked them to help find the murderer of Emma. We thought the main plot had started, but people said we couldn't do the task, so we put it down again. This routine is deep! The cases of storytelling are well summarized.

    "it was said yesterday that ten heroes were eating and drinking in the restaurant. Suddenly, I heard a few loud clicks on the stairs. One person stood at the entrance of the building, and the ten heroes were stunned ~ stunned ~ stunned. Everybody, guess who it is?

    It's not someone else. It's the dishes in the hall."

    The mystery is that you can use the water so that you can continue to use it next time. When another love story is told, another entrusted task is solved. While doing the task, Cheng hour also caught a yellow haired hooligan. Coincidentally, the police uncle said that the serial killer who killed Emma was also yellow hair. I thought the truth was revealed. How did I expect the knife to come out of the body again. This time, the real murderer took the initiative to call Cheng hours and Lu Guang. It turns out that this yellow hair is not that yellow hair. The suspense continues.

    Cheng went back to the past to trace the real murderer. He experienced the crime scene and heard the real murderer. Won't there be any suspense this time? What you think is just what you think. The screenwriter can make it up at will. They think the real murderer is not an alibi , there are more doubts.

    A puzzle for a season, this is Link Click. Conan a black organization can do thousands of episodes well, which is a classic. If the screenwriter has the ability to make up a few seasons and then reveal the answer, it is not far from becoming a Guoman classic. Whether he can become a masterpiece or not, people's skills of procrastinating and leaving suspense will become a classic case of some textbooks.

    "Link Click": if the"knife"can be used for 24 words, the country will not be far away from becoming a classic."Link Click"is a suspense. If you play back and forth, you will not uncover the pot. Conan said that I am familiar with this routine

    review Link Click? A suspense to play back and forth is not to uncover the pot, Conan said this routine I am familiar with



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