review MAOYU? The older generation of MAOYU are more realistic

    If you look good, you need to talk more about the connotation of MAOYU. Although the female owner of this animation is a demon king, she has done a lot of meritorious things as a red bachelor. Leading the villagers to grow potatoes is one of them.

    Planting potatoes not only brought her closer to the villagers, but also had a far-reaching impact. Since then, the villagers have achieved food and clothing, lived a stable life, and there is a surplus of grain, which then drives the trade. As soon as the economic gears start, they push one ring after another, and the influence of their strongholds gradually increases. Then the old Wang next door found something wrong. The existence of the demon king threatened his position as the boss of the world and organized the coalition forces to fight. As a result, the first season is over, and there is no second season so far.

    "MAOYU"is an animation work, and the focus is still on storytelling. However, the devil promoted potato planting and fed the people at the bottom. The method and original intention can stand the test of time. The demon king is not only a flower addict (I talked about it in the last article), but also an intellectual one. Maybe she has also read the Tao Te Ching:"the governance of saints is empty of their heart and solid of their belly". Let people live in peace of mind, mentality (spirit), eat well (material), and support each other. The food problem is naturally the top priority, which the devil sees very clearly.

    How powerful are potatoes? You can search for something like"potatoes change the world". Here's another point to add. If the background of this film is more modern, the demon king may also promote corn planting. Potatoes and corn are crops that have greatly affected the development of the world.

    During the crisis, the merchant group close to the demon king mainly tossed about what grain donglingjun forgot. As a result, the grain price caused by the merchants soared. The commercial war in animation does not focus on the price of potatoes. In fact, potato also corresponds to an economic term of"potato effect", and there are articles to do. This is a little pity. Although the animation is not reflected, the word donglingjun still needs to be written down and can be used in the future. This is what encyclopedia says:

    The potato effect, also known as"potato paradox", refers to that during the great depression, consumers abandoned high-end luxury goods and turned to medium and low-end products, resulting in an increase in demand for the latter, thus pushing the price and sales of high and low-cost products. No matter what state the economy is in, people always have to eat. If they have money, they can eat good and expensive food. If they are short of money, they can eat worse and cheaper food. During the great depression, the money spent on food consumption will be compressed, but the total consumption of food cannot be reduced. Potatoes are low-grade and cheap food in food. When people's income decreases, they will buy cheap potatoes, which will lead to strong demand for potatoes as a whole, so as to promote the rise of potato prices.

    The main idea is that if the economy is depressed to a certain extent, the price of previously expensive things will be reduced, and it is difficult to sell them at any price; the price of previously cheap things (non-staple food) will rise, and the sales volume will increase. This is contrary to the general idea that"reducing prices can increase sales, and increasing prices will inhibit sales".

    What's the use of this concept? Back to the animation"MAOYU", in the power circle of the devil, the price of potatoes has not increased (we think it has not changed without explanation), which shows that the soldiers are in a depression, and the economy of other people has not changed much, and there is no depression and panic. Judging from this, the victory will be theirs. Knowing this term provides us with an angle to judge the current economic situation, and it is easy to perceive and easy to operate.


    The old generation of MAOYU are more realistic. They are in a mood to solve the problem of eating. They are not in the mood to build hot springs

    review MAOYU? The older generation of MAOYU are more realistic



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