How to wait a long time, a thought-provoking short animation

    How to wait for a long time, the original work is called"how to wait for a very long time". Although I think this translation is not good, it is closer to the original animation than how to stick to it silently and how to stand loneliness. This is a short film about a fishing fan. He wants to catch one kind of fish all his life, but he just catches other fish. As time went by, he felt depressed and couldn't enjoy the beautiful scenery around him. He forgot that the whole process was also a reward.

    Director: Jill goritschnig

    Sound effect: Maximilian helten

    The video is not allowed to be sent. It says it's repeated. If you're interested, find it yourself. Send a header.

    To be honest, without looking at the instructions, I don't see how thought-provoking this short film will be. At first, I thought it was the old man and the sea. It was interesting to watch it carefully with the instructions. The sound effect and picture create a super good feeling.

    Fishing always has a lot of symbolic significance, such as self-cultivation and cultivation of sentiment. I love animation, not insects in that circle. I just feel that many works love to talk about fishing. Some people write about fishing and won the Nobel literature prize. What else is there to sit on the Diaoyutai and so on. This short film, from a different perspective, talks about waiting. Not all people can go to the end of the goal. They can choose to change the goal (as mentioned in the chicken soup of the soul in Sword Art Online), or they can wait and stick to it. What kind of mentality is used to stick to it? Watch a movie and think about it.


    1. If you are interested in nutritious animation, please pay attention to the headlines of Dongling spectators.

    2. Some people say that the Japanese like to make everything into comics, but why are fishing themes rare? Is this thing out? Does the school club have a fishing department? I guess it's because fishing is more suitable for older people. If you know the answer, please give me your advice.

    3, in fact, there are some animation about fishing, called"Fisherman Sanpei". After reading an episode, the content is still very long and knowledgeable, but it is too old and bigger than the viewers. The quality of the animation really makes me unbearable. Friends who like watching movies on mobile phones can try.

    How to wait a long time, a thought-provoking short animation



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