Monthly girls Nozaki-kun feels the romance of cycling and the sweet experience of dying

    51 long holiday made up an animation"Monthly girls Nozaki-kun", the original work of Japanese cartoonist Chun Quan, adapted from animation workshop, a very interesting young campus love comedy. Although the work is not as"advanced"as"Kaguya-sama: Love Is War", it can not be seen in vain, but also has many sweet and practical gains. Let's talk about a small clip in the first sentence"this love is more and more like a girl's cartoon".

    The shy Sakura Qiandai"confessed"to his secret love object meitaro Nozaki, which is vague and difficult to say. As a result, the nervous Nagasaki misunderstood, gave Sakura an autograph and invited her to be a comic assistant. So Sakura chidai entered the circle of Nozaki as an assistant. They are classmates during the day and colleagues at night. Moreover, Sakura also secretly loves Nozaki. There are more opportunities to get along with each other, and naturally there are more stories , everybody knows.

    In the first sentence, there is a clip that is very fun. When creating comics, Nozaki and Sakura discuss character setting and romantic elements. In a cartoon by Nozaki,"men and women love each other. At the preparatory stage of traditional love events, the woman said she wanted to go home with the man, but the man wanted to go home by bike".

    At this time, the problem came. Zuo Cang felt that"it is a very romantic thing to ride a bicycle with the female owner. The female owner experienced a beating heart and was at a loss. It feels great and should be added to the cartoon". But"it's a violation of road traffic regulations,"nodasaki said. Now I can't take people by bike. What can I do? How many choices do you have if you want to go home with people who ride bicycles to and from school?

    A funny brainstorming has begun. Don't worry about whether it's reliable or not. Think of all the possibilities. What ideas did they come up with?

    The first one, as shown in the figure below, is not shown for the time being. Sakura Qiandai said it lacks beauty.

    The second kind is that men ride bicycles and women chase after them. This can be, it is funny,"How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno"if there is this picture, not at all inconsistent. But it's embarrassing to appear in pure love comics.

    The third kind is that women ride bicycles and men hold them. It's so embarrassing. Sakura chidai said he felt like a"horse". Donglingjun thought it was brother's boundless control, ha ha.

    It's not easy to conceive the plot of girls' comics. It's not over yet. Continue to open your brain the next day. The original bike is still like this. No backseat. Does Chiyo want to share a bike?

    In the n-th category, as a comic writer, Nozaki is different. He has a bigger brain hole and appears on a double bike.

    In the nth category, double bicycles can also be ridden in this way. Is this different from carrying people in the back seat of a bicycle?

    After experiencing several cycling schemes, he finally made an experimental setting,"first come, first served, the first three people can sit behind me","female students rush to sit"to work and take a taxi (bicycle). The master left the best"special seat"to his beloved female owner.

    Of course, this bold and unreasonable setting was called back by the editor. The last option is to choose the first one. Two people push carts and walk home. In order to increase the sense of romance, they add lines. Woman:"no, why don't you go back first.". Man:"no, it's dark. I'll take you. Moreover, if you walk back, you can stay with you for another period of time. The lines expressing your heart constitute the final romantic and sweet scheme, scattering flowers.

    Don't look at this funny fragment of the plot of the comic book. The way people use"brainstorming"is still very reliable. Moreover, people have also played new tricks in this vulgar bridge section of"riding a bicycle to play romance". What is"progress with the times", you can understand one or two by reading this paragraph.

    I have to mention that there are quite a lot of cycling bridges in"Kaguya-sama: Love Is War". How to deal with them in the animation?

    I remember a time when Baiyin Yuxing met him waiting for his Sigong Huiye, squeaked, and then directly rode a bike to"escape". This is a little close to the second setting above.

    In another period, Kaguya-sama's car broke down, and she finally had a chance to experience"Chio's School Road". This section depicts Huiye's softhearted side very well. The eldest lady who has little experience and is a little afraid helps another little sister who"doesn't dare to cross the road alone"to go to school. It takes time to do good deeds. It seems that he will be late for school. At this time, the president of cycling emperor silver is in place. He carried Huiye to experience a"romance in the back seat of a bicycle". Huiye's idea at the beginning has finally come true.

    It is not said that this behavior violates Japanese traffic regulations. How can it still occur? First of all, there seems to be a hint on the subtitle, which I can't remember clearly. This is a common processing method. Secondly, this"bicycle with people"happens for a reason. It will not be an example, not normal. Being late for school for no reason is of great significance to the full-time excellent student cadres such as the eldest lady. It's natural not to be romantic for girls. It's understandable to make an exception for honor and credits. They are not teaching you how to be romantic with your younger sister, but they are shaping the manly spirit of"silver imperial travel". For the sake of Kaguya-sama, they are blocking up some things and breaking some rules, which are different in nature. Again, this statement was an exception from the beginning. Huiye walked to school for the first time. How about Huiye's first time? It's also natural to take the back seat of his sweetheart's bicycle for the first time.

    Above, a small bridge section with people riding a bicycle has so much to talk about, which shows how distracted these writers are in their creation. In addition to joy, we should also have respect. That's all for the animation part. Let's talk about it now.

    Nowadays, fewer people ride bicycles and go to school by themselves, coupled with the constraints of rules. This shy and sweet romance brought by bicycle can only be seen in nostalgic films in the future. As the farewell on the platform is squeezed by today's video calls, there is no market. What nostalgia, parting, and so on, those sullen and bitter emotions are not so easy to interpret. The once multi flavor bitterness is gradually transformed into a single bitterness without money. While doing and cherishing, forget what should be forgotten. In the same sentence, forgetting is also an ability. (end of text)

    Routine benefits: girls in the monthly magazine is a good animation. What you haven't seen is worth seeing. There is a prank on double bicycles. It is really not romantic for boys and girls to ride together. Entertainment is greater than romance. However, when the welfare photos at the end are released, the viewers should have a new feeling. After crossing time and space, does it also have some warm and romantic flavor. Review the old view that"the same thing, time and space, people and environment change the mood and experience great differences". Turn back and look at the articles here in the future. Maybe you will have different feelings. The pictures are from the network and animation screenshots. Please also watch the officials like, forward and pay attention.

    Monthly girls Nozaki-kun feels the romance of cycling and the sweet experience of dying



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