Dream music girl stereotype? Blow up the music that is easy to miss, CAROLE & TUESDAY comments

    There are often musicals, but there are not many musicals with such high scores. In this article, donglingjun comes to talk about the music version of"CAROLE & TUESDAY"with a score of 9.9 in station B, and looks at it several times. He really wants to blow it, because the original version of such conscience should not be missed.

    First blow the background

    "CAROLE & TUESDAY"is an original TV animation work produced by bone society, directed by Watanabe Nobuhiro. Why do they want to make such a music original, because they want to set a milestone. The 20th anniversary of bones, an animation production company, and the 10th anniversary of flying dog, a music production company, were produced as joint commemorative works. Born with task and meaning, leaders attach importance to it, and resources are inclined, so the quality is absolutely guaranteed. Compared with those animated works that try their luck, this has inherent advantages.

    The theme of the story

    Is different from the cute and sweet idol route of K-ON!. CAROLE & TUESDAY puts the story stage on Mars, so it puts on the vest of science fiction animation. After humans moved to Mars, AI music dominated the market. In this context, there are still two girls who dream of becoming musicians. They happen to come together. They cooperate with original music and jointly create a miracle. Judging from the several animations released at present, the two girls will eventually have a war with AI. It is hard to say whether it is the miracle of human"defeating"AI. What is the meaning of this"war"? Don't talk more about donglingjun. Under the background of artificial intelligence replacing various posts, I think each audience has its own answer.

    Even if it is just a little bit, as long as we explore the relationship between human and AI in the field of music and art, this setting can add a lot of color to"CAROLE & TUESDAY". The music of young girls' dream pursuit adds such a realistic theme, and the high score makes sense.

    In the third place, it is also very flattering to look at the design of people

    "CAROLE & TUESDAY". Tuesday, one of the hostesses, is a rich girl who runs away from home for her music dream. She has a white, rich and beautiful temperament. She looks like a lady model doll. She really wants a set of the same Barot style poncho skirt. Another protagonist, Carole, lives alone in a warehouse, lives by working and skateboarding. She is free and unrestrained. Although she is poor, she still pursues her music dream optimistically. The two formed a team, one black and one white, one graceful and one unrestrained, born from a beautiful swan and an ugly duckling. The fairy combination chasing dreams has the most extensive lethality to the audience.

    If you look carefully, the supporting cast is also distinctive. The fat uncle agent who often uses wine to relieve his worries and Angela, a child star, is facing transformation. She is a tuner & amp; computer expert who has paid a heavy price to bring laughter to us. With dreams, lilies, gay friends and simply infatuated with AI, this set of role lineup has various styles and also meets the needs of audiences of various tastes.

    Finally praise the music

    As a music fan, the original music of flying dog is also really powerful. BGM, Op, ED and plug-in are the gospel of the earphone party. Some people shake their legs, others shed inexplicable tears. For example, the loneliest girl, the episode in the second sentence, is really a sound of nature. When singing can you feel my team drops of the loneliest girl, even if you don't understand the lyrics, you can hear the emotion you want to talk to others alone.

    Why is this music far better than expected? I still want to mention the first point. As a joint commemorative animation for the XX anniversary, bone society and flying dog music are very interested. It is said that the songs sung by the two girls in the play are not excellent singers, but the original voice of singers collected from the whole country. It can be regarded as a good voice of small-scale Japan. Pay always pays off. Each song is particularly resistant to listening. Small partners on the bullet screen wave money and other music platforms.

    Routine benefits: donglingjun feels that this CAROLE & TUESDAY is one of the best new series of the season that should never be missed. Even if you are not interested in the sound of nature and are not interested in inspirational animation, it is worth looking at this animation as an anti Utopian science fiction animation. I still remember talking about"Whoever says science fiction animation is cold, this Coil A Circle of Children depicts a not cold future."this"CAROLE & TUESDAY"adds a warm color to the future. The future is absolutely beautiful and worth looking forward to, as long as we don't give up our dreams. The code word is not easy. Please like Sanlian.

    Dream music girl stereotype? Blow up the music that is easy to miss, CAROLE & TUESDAY comments



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