Take stock of Anime: the first word is the end of the flower, an episode of dry people a season of things, this season animation anxious to speed up for what kind of?

    Unexpectedly, this October season has become a love season. Donglingjun doubts whether there are signs of retaliatory rebound like the tourism that has restrained for more than half a year. Let's talk about two good-looking animations, one about love and one about different worlds. They have a common feature - worry.

    In a word, it is very lovely

    In a word, and it is really in a hurry. It takes a season or two for other animation to fall in love or even determine a love relationship. The perfect combination of male and female protagonists basically means that the story has come to an end. However, this animation is different. The progress is accelerated, and it is fast enough to make people"fake corpses". What's wrong.

    Quickly explain to the male master that Youqi XingKong's diligent"first half of life", a top student who works hard, wants to be admitted to a good high school. He soon arranged a"car accident"and fell in love at first sight. The man wanted to talk to the woman, but he was hit by a truck. This is not a cross-country drama, this is not a different world, this is not a hero to save the United States. The man didn't die, because the woman stopped the car for him, and they both fell to the ground injured.

    On a snowy night, the Secretary comforted him and left like huiyeji. The male leader suddenly lost his mind. After waking up, he forgot the pain and"pretended to be a corpse"in the state of fracture and bleeding. He left footprints along the company and looked for his lovely person who fell in love at first sight.

    Sakazaki found the Secretary and bravely confessed. The Secretary immediately agreed to associate with him, with the proviso that"if you are willing to marry me, let's associate".

    One day when I turned 18, I came to the apartment where sakazaki lived alone and asked to marry him.

    The married life of getting married first and then falling in love begins (after marriage, photon read the cartoon and said he was going to change his name...)

    From acquaintance to marriage, it took only one word to get the license without asking for parents' opinions. Is it fast? Why are they in such a hurry when they have done something for a season in one episode?

    It is said that Japan wants to increase the marriage rate and fertility rate , do you believe this explanation?

    By the Grace of the Gods

    This work is also translated into"By the Grace of the Gods". Why do you worry about this animation, because its lyric part came too fast. The first words moved a group of little friends to"tears"and spread flowers after the end.

    A little boy signed contracts with all kinds of shrems and lived a free life in the big forest. One day, he saved several trapped adventurers. The little boy invited them to his home and showed his shrems' breeding skills and several amazing ability values. Taking this as an opportunity, his life after China's entry into WTO began"to accept the help of the very gentle people around him and live a happy day".

    Housework ability level 10, mental endurance level 9 and physical endurance level 8. Why is there such an ability? The male Lord recalls his moving story of crossing over. Before his death, he was squeezed, and after his death, he was picked up by God as a pet. This content is not new. What is new is his way of death and his mentality of facing death and crossing.

    Sneezed four times and fell out of bed. He suffered cerebral hemorrhage due to impact. Comrade Longma can't accept the fact that his body is fine after all kinds of torture. After excitement, he returned to calm and maintained his professional"dress"state. Don't be surprised, tolerate everything, insult without anger, fight without fighting back, scold without talking back, do things with humility and propriety, and advance and retreat with a degree. The habit of professional"dress"made him die. He didn't forget to hand over his business card when he saw the gods.

    The forced state before his death was properly portrayed. People want to be loved by others, and Longma is no exception. God told him that he doesn't need to be too respectful in a different world. He can live with his nature, live healthily and happily, and they will look at him in the sky (cover him). Tears filled my eyes when I heard these dragons and horses. The audience was also moved by it. Like the grand finale of some works, it was full of hope and infinite light.

    If life deceives you, don't be sad or anxious! Melancholy days need to be calm: believe it, happy days will come!

    My heart always yearns for the future; now it is often melancholy. Everything is fleeting, everything will pass; and what has passed will become a kind memory.

    This poem is suitable to express the mood of seeing this small climax. Although this is just the beginning, it is also an end, and the end of the past. It is sprinkled with flowers and accelerated. The story is here, which is also excellent , no sense of disobedience.

    Routine benefits: if life deceives you, you can go to a strange love or travel to a different world. This season's"speed up"and"worry"animations are not only these two, but also next door. The male pig's feet sitting in the traditional position near the window in the back row died the first time. The soul of the decisive battle, the important combat strength of the two countries, fell in love and spread dog food at the first word. It's really over in three more words. We'll talk later. If you are interested, please pay attention to the praise.

    After the first sentence, sprinkle flowers. One episode does other people's work for one season. Why is the animation anxious to speed up this season?

    If life deceives you, you can go to a strange love, or go through a different world

    Take stock of Anime: the first word is the end of the flower, an episode of dry people a season of things, this season animation anxious to speed up for what kind of?



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