Which of the many uses of slim do you prefer?

    Regarding Reincarnated to Slime is still alive, and another animation related to him,"By the Grace of the Gods", is on the air. The story of an engineer who crossed into a different world and became a master of shrem breeding.

    The small slim monster, which is used for novice level practice, has been played with new tricks by the male owner. It was never expected that they could still play like this! The setting of this animation is worth praising.

    Shrem is divided into many subspecies. Feeding different feeds produces different varieties of shrem.

    Acid shrem can digest hard things such as bones. Toxic shrem splits fast. Healing slim can be used to heal wounds and accelerate wound recovery.

    Clean shrem can eat stains to achieve cleaning and purification effect (and eliminate peculiar smell).

    Sticky slim can produce silk thread, and mucus can be used as adhesive. Men use it as a waterproof coating to make raincoats, which can be called the first in the world.

    Recycling shrem can convert excreta and garbage into fertilizer.

    Scientific breeding, mass-produced shrems are powerful

    More shrems can be combined into giant shrems. Through single point deployment cluster management, contracts are concluded separately one by one, and then they are integrated. It solves theWorldwide problem that it is impossible to conclude a contract with the giant slim who seems to have only one core.

    Shrem is well trained and his ability can not be underestimated. Although the individual is small, it cannot stand a large amount. After reaching a certain number, the working group composed of them has extraordinary strength and can be competent for a variety of jobs.

    Wash the basin, wash the dishes, clean and dispose of garbage. The division of labor is orderly and a complete set is made, so that there will be no worry about home life.Once you have it, you have nothing to ask for.

    The benefits of large quantity are also the improvement of efficiency. It is a piece of cake to form a shrem handling team, contract civil engineering projects and establish a moving company. In a foreign world without mechanization, this slim team is a rare commodity.

    With technical patents and breeding experience, it is difficult for a man who is familiar with shrem to get up in the wind and water. An opportunity made him know the Lord, and the happy day of moistening baigei began.

    The story of"By the Grace of the Gods"tells us profoundly thatIs either favored by God or assiduously studied, which is the optional road to a happy life.

    What else can shrem do?

    It's a soft waxy Q bullet that can be used as a pet. In the drama"By the Grace of the Gods", they were also raised as pets by the male owners at the beginning, but with them, their interests and hobbies became a career.

    In real life, shrem foam is also a kind of toy loved by children. In foreign countries, it is regarded as a miracle of workplace decompression. A variety of colors, arbitrary modeling, people also added a variety of shiny fillers, transparent, opaque, a wide variety. Sales of such toys are really not low. If the man goes back to the earth again,Give up his original job, engage in work related to shrem toys, and even become a net red with goods, I think his life will be very interesting.

    Routine welfare: if you are reincarnated with the control ability of slim, how can you make good use of this kind of junior little monster? What characteristics will you imagine of slim?

    Shrem soft glutinous Q bullet, puppets and pets do everything. I didn't expect it to be able to do this work

    Reincarnation with slim, how can you make good use of this kind of primary small monster

    Magic world top product, slim home package, once you have it, there is nothing else to ask for

    Which of the many uses of slim do you prefer?



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