How to evaluate”By the Grace of the Gods”? Some details are very realistic, not to mention ordinary people don’t know

    The World Toilet Day is coming, and the leaders said to rub the topic. This is not a festival created by businesses to sell toilets and sanitary ware. This is the resolution adopted by the 67th United Nations General Assembly on July 24, 2013, which establishes November 19 as"World Toilet Day".

    The establishment of Toilet Day is mainly toHighlight the environmental health crisis faced by the poor, so as to promote the construction of safe drinking water and basic sanitation facilities, and advocate that everyone enjoys a clean, comfortable and hygienic environment. It is hoped that through the efforts of people all over the world, we can jointly improve the world environmental health problem.

    Is the toilet problem really so important?

    You can see how important the plague triggered the British"toilet revolution". In those years, the wages of British cleaners rose, which led to the rise of excretion costs of British people. People found it more convenient and economical to pour feces directly into the covered waterway.

    Such convenient behavior has caused a terrible problem. The city of London is full of sewage and stink. The groundwater pollution caused by septic pits makes various epidemics, especially cholera and plague, popular. A major plague will break out every few years, each time killing thousands of people in London.

    At that time, people did not know the relationship between cholera and pouring"dirty water". Later, a doctor named John snow did a series of studies to prove that cholera existed in water. When no one believed it, a priest Henry Baishi helped him draw a map, draw the people who took water and drank on the same map as the people who did not take water and drank, and mark the death toll of each block on it. The farther away from the pump, the fewer the death toll.

    This"death map"has become a powerful evidence to convince managers. Cholera spreads in feces, which pollutes water sources and leads to plague. After this statement was recognized by the upper level, Britain began to build sewage pipelines, and the toilet was connected by these invisible pipelines to build urban public facilities to ensure the cleanness of water sources and avoid contact with sewage treatment sources. The water was clean, and then there was no large-scale plague. The toilet has become a symbol of modern western civilization.

    It can be seen how important the toilet problem is. Donglingjun won't tell the detailed story. After all, this is an animation number. Interested friends can read death map: how the London plague reshapes today's city and world. Next, return to Dongling to chat about animation theme, and continue to chat about different world theme animation"By the Grace of the Gods".

    Toilet issue is equally important in different world

    "By the Grace of the Gods"has been nicknamed as"the things I work as sanitation worker in different world". Although the score is not high, the production is average, the dog food is distributed disorderly, and the plot is watered, it does not affect the highlights of other people's stories. It can especially appease social animals like me. Through the bamboo forest in the different world, Longma is accompanied by shrem. He works hard in the different world and takes various tasks, which has won unlimited praise. Although there is an element of opening and hanging, men are not afraid of dirt and fatigue. They take it as their own responsibility to become a tool to serve the people of different worlds. His happy working attitude deserves praise.

    The fourth sentence of the animation also has a plot around the toilet problem, which makes us see the shadow above. A city in a different world has reduced its income, so it has reduced public expenditure. The workers who clean the toilet have quit. The toilet emits miasma and garbage flows into the residents' homes. This public health incident attracted the attention of the guild. The male Lord took the task and went to clean the toilet with purifying shrem, anti-drug shrem, swallowing shrem, etc. A difficult problem in a different world was easily solved by the man. The Duke learned that the matter began to be investigated, because the public budget expenditure had not been reduced, and the cleaner's salary was reduced because someone embezzled public funds. The matter is still under further investigation.If you want civilization, no matter which world, you have to pay a price.

    Here, donglingjun wants to say thatPeople in different worlds are very civilized and act with the way of thinking of modern people.If the toilet is not cleaned, you know something big will happen.It was hard to see this setting hundreds of years ago.

    Another detail of the animation is very realistic. It says that people employed to clean toilets are poor people in slums. On the one hand, they solve health problems and on the other hand, they solve employment and poverty problems. This work belongs to targeted recruitment. Coincidentally, the same is true of us. Those who are hired to clean public toilets are also aunts and uncles who can't find a job. It turns out that public toilets can also solve the problem of employment for some people. Fortunately, we bad guys who don't deduct wages have contracted to clean the toilet. There is no way and no chance. This job is in short supply. I'm looking forward to building more toilets of this grade.

    Art comes from life. It is speculated that Japan should also have this strategy to solve the employment problem. Perhaps the social animals of the island country will feel more about this paragraph than the children who grew up in the honeypot. Public toilets not only carry health problems, but also bear some employment problems. Promoting employment, at the beginning of the Da Shen to solve the problem of cholera is estimated to be unthinkable. Maybe one day a social science Da Shen can draw another map and make another research of future generations.

    Routine welfare: don't grade"By the Grace of the Gods"randomly. Donglingjun feels that it is still very warm. After experiencing the living life of Longma, come to see it again. Maybe you will be like some old friends, and cry in the barrage. It's not easy to live. It's good to meet your unfulfilled wishes with stories from different worlds. If you think it makes sense, pleaseFollow and share.

    The animation"By the Grace of the Gods"and World Toilet Day, he can wipe the topic so hard

    The setting of"By the Grace of the Gods"cleaning the toilet is real, and we do the same here

    How to evaluate”By the Grace of the Gods”? Some details are very realistic, not to mention ordinary people don’t know



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