Brief comment on PLANETES ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ: Japan’s awareness of environmental protection is too strong, and garbage from outer space should be recycled

    Day blow down, only for this time tears old animation"PLANETES ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ".

    "PLANETES ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ"is a rare hard science fiction animation that does not engage in a space war. The original cartoon took the nebula reward from Japan, and then it was changed into animation and won the nebula reward from Japan. The double award-winning work shows the Japanese people's love for this work. The reason why they like it, donglingjun speculates that it has a lot to do with their strong awareness of environmental protection. Previously,"it was all garbage collection. Japanese fans picked up the quality and praise, while apricots were to pick up the living expenses."donglingjun talked about Japan's strict to abnormal garbage classification and recycling system in combination with"Hinamatsuri". Interested friends can look back and talk less about things on earth. They have begun to think about how the future universe should recycle garbage.

    "PLANETES ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ"is such a work, but the vast space waste recycling is not for environmental protection, but more for the safety of spacecraft. In 2075, human activities have left a lot of space garbage. Too much garbage is prone to collision, which is naturally dangerous. So there is the Department responsible for recycling space waste. This department is somewhat similar to the drainage pipe network department in our city. It is not flattering. No one pays attention to it when it is free. In animation, the recycling Department has a nickname called"half class". But when it rains heavily and there is a collision, they are very important. People will drown in the real world, and the space station or spacecraft will be finished in the animation.

    The female owner Tian Mingbu AI is a newcomer who has just entered the society and is assigned to the recycling department. The cheerful newcomer has vitality. The story begins here. Her arrival changes the boring life of a group of workplace veterans.

    The male leader, badaro Xingye, is a man with a dream and wants to have his own spaceship. Others in Cao Ying, heart in Han, half class just to save money and realize their dreams. The arrival of the female Lord also changed the male Lord. Later, he resigned as expected.

    Men and women are naturally in love, but the person in charge of the play"PLANETES ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ"is Lu Lu Lu Xiu, who is on the first floor of the river. So their love story is not romantic. This story has the choice of career and love, love Jiangshan or beauty, reflection on the country and society, whether there is blackening, and whether the ending logic is chaotic or not? You'd better see it yourself.

    In the eleventh sentence of the PLANETES ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ,"there is no national boundary, only the earth."(the lyrics of Kino's Journey also have this). Look at this sentence, what is the tone of this animation? Donglingjun doesn't say much.

    Anime Amway is over. It's time to complain. Taking space garbage recycling as the background of the story, it is estimated that only the Japanese will think of this theme. They will not forget garbage recycling in outer space. What kind of environment, what kind of works will emerge. This still makes some sense. When you encounter garbage works again, you should think about how the garbage came out and whether it should also be recycled.

    Routine welfare: some of the pictures in this article are from the PLANETES ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ and some from the planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~. Are they similar in appearance? Is it a coincidence or a preciseness? I think this is also the result of a big environment.

    Brief comment on PLANETES ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ: Japan’s awareness of environmental protection is too strong, and garbage from outer space should be recycled



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