“Loveliness is justice”is also used by Guoman. Meng meow imitates things and tells history. It’s really cute

    Amway a lovely country man"When History Meows". It's enough to imitate historical figures into lovely cats and let cats play historical figures. It's really interesting to talk about history like this. It's great to understand history with a happy mood.

    Many baomoms said that"they can watch with their children", and Dong Lingjun joked that"I'm afraid she really treats historical figures as mews".

    The producer of"When History Meows"is very attentive. It is not only simple to change people into mews, but also suitable for young people. The props that meow meow takes out often come out of expectation. For example, it is interesting and reasonable to play drums instead of beating war drums.

    The presentation of small stories is carefully designed, which is very different from the teaching animation of PPT and book reading. No matter how small progress is, it should be greatly praised.

    After watching the animation, donglingjun even thought of March Comes in Like a Lion. The level of this animation is very close to the meow of those popular science generals. You can take it out and blow it abroad again.

    It's just that donglingjun is a little worried about whether there will be"sprouting"fatigue in the later review of history. A selling point often can't afford a boutique. It still needs to work hard to tell a better story.

    Dong Lingjun found"When History Meows"when eating instant noodles. Eating instant noodles, watching cute tablets and learning ancient Chinese history. The characters feel close and remember their deeds firmly. This learning form is vivid, lively, novel and affordable. You can see and smell it, chew it and have aftertaste. You should take it for instant noodles next time.

    After the animation of Amway, review the method of simulacrum, lovely is justice, refer to the old article: everything can be sprouted,"lovely"is justice, and some things behind Cells at Work. What other instant noodles partners are there? Welcome to leave a message. 88, meow.

    “Loveliness is justice”is also used by Guoman. Meng meow imitates things and tells history. It’s really cute



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