How to evaluate”Run with the Wind”, a sports competition, and a strong sense of healing

    Running with the wind, freedom is the direction, chasing the power of thunder and lightning. Run with the Wind, an animation adapted from the novel of the same name by Japanese novelist three Pu Ziyuan, is almost over. It may be a little late to talk about the animation at this time, but donglingjun really wants to talk about the inspirational animation, because the animation is really beautiful and touching. Station B is 9.8 and Douban is 9.2. The scores are very high. I don't say much. Let's put an ED diagram first and make a brief story by the way.

    The story of"Run with the Wind"takes the post race (relay marathon) of reciprocating University in Hakone, Tokyo as the stage. At last, zhuqingzhuang, an old apartment, has gathered ten residents with rich personality. Changqing Laihui, an apartment, has opened her dream plan and taken these"residents"out for 10 months"Hakone post relay", the longest history long-distance running relay race in Japan.

    Under inducement and coercion, the ten residents of kuanzheng university gradually unified their ideas and participated in the training arranged by grey two. Gradually they fell in love with long-distance running, and they began to work hard for the original"impossible goal - to obtain the qualification of Hakone post relay". Finally, the group of ten stepped on the last bus and passed the qualifier with the result of No. 10 in the competition area, and the small goal was achieved.

    However, although this team has its own characteristics, after all, the team has been built for a short time and has insufficient details. Through the qualifiers, they found the gap between themselves and the really strong team. It is impossible to improve performance in a short time and win the championship. So what's the point of their competition? What is the slogan"towards the top"that grey II shouted at the beginning? Fujioka Ichi, the king of Hakone post 3 (his teammate in grey 2 high school), really said some heartfelt words, which made the team regain the direction of their efforts, so they came to the track of Hakone post with passion To be continued.

    "Run with the Wind"is labeled as sports, but it is not the same as those who always strive for the first place. It felt that it jumped onto the track smoothly, which was really more than expected.

    No foundation, no harem, no funny, no suspense, no cute, no halo, no coercion, no battle, no meat, no curiosity, no tears, no love. It only has inner communication with the audience.

    Super broad sense of substitution

    The ten runners in the animation have different backgrounds and temperaments. For example, Bai Qixi (Prince), the representative of otaku men, can't you see how determined our otaku people are. With their will, zombie running can also pass the standard. For example, after graduation, it was difficult to find a job for king sakuchi. He worked hard in another direction. Lao Tzu is definitely a talent. There are also lively and cheerful twins. They were going to play football, but they accidentally changed their life. There are prodigies from the mountain village, foreign students, Xueba, and repeater students who do not know what black history they have so far. With such a rich role configuration, there is always one that can let our audience find their own shadow and form a sense of substitution.

    Spiritual mentor grey 2

    Spiritual mentor grey 2 itself is very inspirational, the regret of injuries and the urgency of realizing dreams (Senior). Some people say that his experience is very similar to the red wood in"SLAM DUNK", but donglingjun thinks that grey two is grey two, the whole animation looks down, and he rarely sees the moment of high light on the court. So his light is implicit and restrained, which is different from Chimu.

    Qingsethuier spread the inspirational warm current to the"world". As the plot unfolds, the audience slowly finds the man's inner strength. The reason why this team can break through the preliminaries is the spiritual guidance of grey two. He is not the fastest runner in the team, but he pays the most. Like a spiritual mentor, he silently influenced everyone in the team, and also produced a chain reaction. The team members influenced each other one after another to form a team with inspirational emotions, and each became a spiritual mentor.

    If the sound is turned off and we look at this exciting part, maybe we will still be boiling, but I'm afraid the boiling comes not from the intensity of the game and the movement of the picture, but from the feeling for the characters.

    "Run with the Wind"is a cure time for me, not a sport time.

    The goal of always striving for the first place to dominate the whole country can not be seen in this time. What this time advocates is that the spirit of sports focuses on participation, and it doesn't matter whether you win a medal or not. The goal can be to reach the finals, just get qualified, or have a good time with your teammates. If you want to run, you can run with me. My wish is enough. Just like running, what if you can't get a noun? Anyway, I have enjoyed the process of running.

    After reading this, I always feel warm in my heart. Maybe donglingjun was brought in, found resonance and cured. Get a self media, the traffic is not very good, and not many people like it. There are no good results. Codeword ability is limited and will not achieve any good results. However, after the code word, it is really happy, very happy. It should feel the same as those running brothers.

    The twin brothers can play football. There are more girls and more attention (after all, it is a mass project), but they still stay in the long-distance running club in the end. What are these two pictures? It's definitely not sister Caiye. They may not understand it in their own hearts. Sometimes he loves the pictures of the unexpected. In fact, donglingjun himself doesn't know. This feeling is the same as them.

    After all this, turn back and talk about two ed pictures. One is Run with the Wind and the other is Hinomaru Sumo. Look at the difference of pose? Similarly, they are all small mountains. The former only looks at the back, showing the mind. The latter is to highlight"Heroes"and hero teams. They are all V-shaped. Look at the team. The former is the No. 1 bottom support for men, and the latter is the No. 1 pick for men.

    There is no need to say more about the differences between the"sports times"in Run with the Wind and other sports times.

    Routine welfare: in my opinion,"Run with the Wind"is a cure in sports pangolin. The more you see, the more you feel, at least for Dongling Jun.

    Life should have a sense of ceremony

    Postscript: think of a bully and ask the interviewer a good question. Your company's goal is to go public. What about after going public? Grey two is very good. I think we will affect a lot of people. They will join the long-distance running team. That's how most of the spiritual leaders of long-distance running education come from. What do the big men behind the stock price manipulation think if they look at this animation? They don't have time to see it anyway.

    How to evaluate”Run with the Wind”, a sports competition, and a strong sense of healing



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