Rainbow firefly forever summer vacation and Your Name are really similar

    Recently I finished watching xinhaicheng's"Your Name", which was very popular last year, but I just finished recently because I don't like to be fashionable. When I saw the end, I felt that the film was deja vu. I saw an animation very similar to this, just like where the hero and heroine met at last.

    What is the name of this film? I can't remember either. The feeling is the same as that of lihualong in Your Name when he can't remember the name of gongshuisanye. In the film, they finally meet by God and director. If I want to meet that film again, I need to search.

    I found several movies recommended by small editors that are similar to Your Name

    As a result, I have seen several movies, such as"speed 5 cm /s","girl across time and space","court of the leaves", etc. it seems that he can recommend a love animated film, but I really don't think they are similar. Some small editors are a little bit abstemious.

    There is also a"firefly". I remember that the film of deja vu does have fireflies. It should be this film. As a result, it is very much like an animation, very much like, but like xiamu's friend account. It's not too much to say that it tells the story of xiamu's grandmother Lingzi.

    At least I think of fireflies and look for them. I finally found its name"Rainbow firefly Forever Summer Vacation", a long name, no wonder I can't remember it, so I read it again.

    The similarities between"Rainbow firefly Forever Summer Vacation"and"Your Name"are

    1. How did you get through it? It's not a spoiler. Your Name is superior to others in this respect, and has made a great transformation of men and women.

    2. There is a small village far away from the city. The beautiful scenery of Japanese rural areas, stone roads that are high and low, and all kinds of flowers on the roadside are blooming brightly, shaded by green trees, lakes and mountains. People's desire to experience the local life in person anyway.

    3. There will be a festival in the small mountain village. While enjoying the wonderful culture and scenery of the festival, something often grey and often important will happen.

    4. Both films have a sacred place. If you don't go to that sacred place once, you won't appreciate the greatness of heaven. If you don't accept the teaching of"respecting heaven and Fazu"after watching the film, how can you produce cohesion.

    5. There are no villains in the two films. Everyone just works according to their own principles. The hero's good friends are pure friendship. How beautiful the world is without bad guys.

    6. If you insist on finding a villain for both films, there is force majeure. Firefly inside that is land acquisition and demolition, Your Name inside is meteorite smash pit.

    7. Both the hero and the heroine are involved in a mysterious clue, which is called fate. Without fate, there can be no drama.

    8. Finally, the hero and heroine find each other and have a happy ending. Maybe the other half we find in this life has been agreed in the previous life, but we come to this life without the memory of the previous life, so it is more precious to find him /her.

    If you look carefully, you will find more common ground. When you see the end of Your Name, the protagonists find each other. The feeling of missing in the dark is released. I can't help but think of this film with the same emotion. I have seen it, but what's the Your Name? That kind of instant vision, one word, strong.

    If you read this recommendation and plan to see this rainbow colored firefly forever summer vacation, please be prepared. I'm used to the exquisite style that xinhaicheng can take a screen capture as a desktop. Many people really can't stand this picture style.

    I have wasted so much words. I really hope you can watch this film. All who have experienced youth. I think you will love it! He is not just a love movie, he is a friendship movie, which is stronger than Your Name. The departure of the partners in the script one by one may mean reality, which is the same as us. We go our separate ways after college. Companions, friends, even though we may change, maybe the Tao is different. But no matter when and where we are still friends! Thank you for your time with me.


    1. If you know what kind of painting style is"Rainbow firefly Forever Summer Vacation", please advise. It feels similar to the story of huiyeji. It should be a faction. It is said that this is the style of hand-painted illustration.

    2. The music of this film is really good. I hope it can also serve as a driving force for you to keep watching.

    3. We have also made so many dams and relocation. We want good films related to them. What a good nostalgic theme.

    Rainbow firefly forever summer vacation and Your Name are really similar



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