review Animation: Ghost in the Shell 2045, Batai is very handsome, and he will be deeply rooted after watching it. If not, he will be deeply rooted in decades

    From the future bank robbery, the robbers are pitiful, the outcome is warm, and the conclusion is thought-provoking. In 2045, a bizarre bank robbery occurred once in 25 years at a bank in Fukuoka, Japan. All the hostages were rescued safely. The police never found the robber. The branch head of the robbed bank was arrested on the charge of disturbing the financial order. He was accused of putting computer viruses into the virtual currency exchange in an attempt to manipulate the price of virtual currency.

    A criminal case of robbing a bank ended in an economic case. What are the hidden stories behind it? To understand this, we need to go back to"Ghost in the Shell SAC"_ 2045"the seventh sentence: the first bank robbery.

    No matter how the sequel of the Ghost in the Shell is, it is worth chasing the animation. Donglingjun also believes that this remark is enough to remake a theater animated film, which will definitely surpass those bad films with stupid thieves as the protagonist.

    Retired biochemist Bart returned to Japan to wait for a new task. In his spare time, he came to the long lost bank to deposit money, which is the hard-earned money he fought hard for these years. The bank robot in 2045 replaced almost all the bank staff, and the whole branch had a branch president and a security guard enjoying government assistance. All the people who came here to handle business were old people. Bart couldn't help saying,"when will the bank become a nursing home?".

    When Bart was explaining the exchange rate problem to an old woman, there was a sudden power failure, the rolling shutter door was closed, and two masked armed robbers appeared. This is a pair of"gentle"robbers. Trembling, they drove away all depositors and prepared to get back the money"cheated by the bank".

    Bart, hiding in the corner, easily subdued the two robbers. He took off his mask and looked at it. He was very disappointed that it was two old men. It was boring. At this time, the security guard came and handed over the criminal to the security guard. Bart wanted to get away. High energy ahead, turning point 1,The security guard actually used the old woman as a hostage to threaten Bart. The security guard and the robbers are together.

    Bart was helpless and honestly watched the robbers continue to commit crimes. It's embarrassing. The boss is too weak to open the safe. The smart security guard took a fancy to Bart's biochemical man's body."You're a biochemical man. You're strong. You open the safe.". The hostage is the epitaph of a kind man. Bart kicked open the safe.

    Seeing piles of banknotes, the robber was very happy. Bart poured a basin of cold water on them."The money can't be used. You don't know, you'll be caught as soon as you use it.". The two robbers were confused. They asked the security boss if it was true? The security guard said he knew that money was useless. The purpose of his plan to rob the bank was not for money, but to revenge the president of the bank. The governor once tricked him into buying financial products with his pension, and he lost all his money.

    The three robbers have no power to continue to commit crimes at this time.Turning point 2, the old lady who had been in the hostage state suddenly grabbed the gun, and the security guard instantly changed from a kidnapper to a hostage.She firmly believes that Bart must be"Buffett"and he can help them get"usable money". The elderly in 2045 are really"bold and unrestrained". Bart was surprised by his ability to rely on the old and sell the old.

    "no way, who called me the light of justice?"Bart became the life-saving straw for the group of old people, the Da Shen of money, and he wanted to help them fulfill their wishes. A wave of cash collateral to buy virtual and then sell (may be short buying operation, I can't understand it). At the same time, the police uncles came. Turning point three, everyone became hostages. They were rescued, the robbers disappeared out of thin air, and a farce was over.

    A few days later, in the Midnight Diner, the money of the three old masters arrived, the principal of 3 million turned into 11 million 350 thousand, and a handful of wool was collected reasonably,Nearly 3 times the income. Their wish has been fulfilled. Uncle a can buy a schoolbag for his grandson and uncle B can buy his wife's grave (the price of schoolbag and grave is about the same?) , the branch head hated by the security guard was also arrested. The old lady also scraped together enough money for euthanasia and flew to Switzerland. All this benefited from Bart's advanced computer operation.

    It's a story of twists and turns. A wave of computer operation and three major identity turns. The story of Ghost in the Shell is concluded.The story has ups and downs. This episode does not really use a knife or a gun, but this"economic struggle"is more exciting and shocking, and the details that need to be summarized are more thought-provoking.

    When did the bank become a nursing home?It's only a matter of time. Although the story takes place in the future world of science fiction in animation, this trend is already happening. Brothers and sisters who are still working as tellers and enjoying good treatment should be careful. This job is really becoming more and more fragile.

    Investment is risky, and you should be careful with your money. Stock market, bond market, housing market, currency circle, metal circle and commodity circle. No matter where you spend your money, wood knowledge is a lamb to be slaughtered. Even if we have knowledge, we can't do those who are more skilled, such as those liars who engage in computer viruses in the play. Even if we have technology, you can't do those who are more skilled.

    In this story, the great men mentioned the word"global simultaneous default", and then their pension money disappeared. Here, it is not said whether they fully invested in the virtual currency. It is only said that the branch head is a liar, but we can infer that they do not buy it If you save your money, you won't live a decent old life. Because Aunt's money was left to him by her husband for the elderly. It is an indisputable fact that his wife is a university teacher, and her family can be regarded as a middle class. For some reason, her savings have become worthless.

    This reminds people of this"global simultaneous default", which is definitely not a small thing that can be triggered by a liar. The more you think about it, the more terrible it becomes. It's really necessary to protect wealth from now on, although donglingjun has no wealth to protect.

    Ghost in the Shell,This story is just the beginning. Bart's operation made these four people transfer US $8 million for each day,But the money will not come out in vain. Who is the loser?The story is not told, and donglingjun doesn't know.

    Routine welfare: the leader said to change his mind and sell books with goods. Articles without goods will not be recommended, so donglingjun recommended a book"what will you take to support yourself in 30 years". There are thousands of books on financial management. The name of this book is most suitable for the story discussed in this article. The book uses plain examples to sound the alarm for most young people, moonlight people, who have no plans for retirement. This story also warns the future for the iron powder who attack the shell.

    After reading this book, you may not be able to avoid the ending of three robbers. After all, no one can run away from global default. It is their hematopoietic ability, their earning ability and their niche. However, after reading this book, you will be able to avoid the ending of the old woman. You won't even know what"global simultaneous default"is. You won't save a lot of money to get money. When you find that lying grass, how can you exchange such a"Japanese American knife", and even the cost of euthanasia is not enough. I don't even know how to cut leeks. If you know a little financial knowledge, you will understand this cartoon a little Not like me. Bart didn't understand how to make money.

    Ghost in the Shell 2045, Batai is very handsome. If he doesn't look at it, he will regret it

    review Animation: Ghost in the Shell 2045, Batai is very handsome, and he will be deeply rooted after watching it. If not, he will be deeply rooted in decades



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