Anime version of”deformation meter”, a city student’s agricultural school life

    Students in a city are sent to agricultural high school. Most of the students around them are from families engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. They aim to inherit their family business. What will the protagonist's study and life look like in such an environment? Will he return to the city because he can't adapt to dropping out of school? Will he like this new farm life? Please watch the life role exchange program"deformation meter".

    This is not an advertisement for the deformation meter returning to mango TV. This is the impression of continuing to write the animated film"Silver Spoon".

    The conclusion given in the first quarter is as follows

    The farm children who turned a blind eye to killing pigs and cattle began to have new thoughts on the significance of livestock life. The protagonist can also face the final destination of the livestock. Rational and perceptual, two kinds of thinking collide to produce a wonderful story.

    Handsome men don't play cool, beautiful women don't show meat, there is no blood, there is no cruelty, and they are far away from sci-fi ghosts and gods, just such a simple and wonderful animation. Why do viewers like this animation. Because the burden shakes well, the drama conflict is very realistic and can't directly point to the hearts of the people, but for good viewers, there are many clips. Put down the film and think about it slowly, which is very chewy.

    These two simple sentences in the above figure remind me of the deformation meter and the diversity of values. Bring yourself a high hat. The headline of Dongling spectator is also spreading diversified values.

    What are the benefits of diverse values? Let's go. It's similar to biodiversity and can provide more possibilities. What are the benefits of more possibilities? This is even worse. Take a look at Steins;Gate. If you have more possibilities, you can jump to other time lines and come to a more suitable world.

    In the last picture, see what's different from the usual animation?

    The protagonist is not sitting by the window, not by the window, not dragging his chin and looking out of the window to think about life.

    End nonsense

    Let's experience what diversified values are.

    The onlookers pay attention, you son of a bitch. Don't pay attention to my headline. Don't forward it. Don't talk nonsense. Whether you see it or not has nothing to do with my half a cent. Spectators write this thing to coax themselves to play.

    Anime version of”deformation meter”, a city student’s agricultural school life



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