The painting style makes people spit blood directly. I found a reason to watch it

    The last one shared a name of"Rainbow firefly Forever Summer Vacation". Why is it really like"Your Name"to see this film? It is really like"Your Name"to talk about it. Finally, I mentioned the painting style of this film, which is eye popping. Some people say it is an animation that makes people spit blood without spitting.

    The reason why I don't like it may be that I don't see much, have shallow knowledge and need a breakthrough. What kind of style is this? I'm still waiting for the answer, but there are always kind-hearted people. He provided an article to the visitors, in which he shared the works of Daisuke mura, a Japanese illustrator. The style is really similar, especially Tai Chi. Selected a few and posted them.

    In 2013, Daisuke ermura published the first illustration on Tumblr, which drew four girls in vests and shorts in black and white lines.

    Mike Murphy and the tall Indian"chief"in leap over the madhouse.

    Student dogs need to vent.

    Tai Chi

    Run or not

    It turns out that this is really a style. After reading the picture, add some soul chicken soup.

    Break through obstacles and boundaries and make yourself high.

    Great Xia Jin told such a story in Xiake island. An illiterate youth who doesn't know big words is despised by beautiful girls in the Jianghu. After being lost, he followed the heroes all over the world to a magical Xiake island. The island is full of martial arts secrets. Heroes all over the world gather together to study. The result was a lost sheep, and everyone's research results were different, so everyone had a heated debate. Illiterate young people are not eligible to participate in academic discussions. So he wandered around on the island and read the words as he slipped. It seems that his mind runs along the structure of words - what is written in the novel is the true Qi in his body, flowing along the structure of words. As a result, just like children's play, illiterate young people have obtained unparalleled martial arts in the world.

    This story tells us that martial arts has nothing to do with the meaning of words. Cognition is framed in the circle of"pondering the meaning of words", which means wood. This is the so-called boundary.

    How can we break through the thinking barrier and push down the thinking boundary?

    Mr. Fu Sheng said that first, we should believe that people can change and everyone can become better. Second, learn to think correctly. What hinders us is always false thinking. We will misinterpret emotional confrontation as thinking itself. Give up confrontation and restrain your emotions. Third, admit your ignorance and stupidity, and admit that you set limits because of the lack of material resources in the process of growing up.

    If you are so advanced, let's have something simpler. Start with watching movies

    Those who used to only watch TV dramas, please take some time out to watch cartoons.

    Those who used to only watch meat selling cartoons, please take some time to watch other types of films.

    Before, I only watched aestheticism animation, but also saw the"ugly"animation style of"Rainbow firefly Forever Summer Vacation".

    You used to only watch TV. Please take some time to listen to the radio.

    Those who used to eat only meat also came to eat vegetables and wild vegetables.

    People who used to stay at home also went out for a walk.

    In the past, those who only paid attention to star gossip also paid attention to my spectator number.

    Please come out and say something if you only read and don't comment before.

    "I don't like watching or eating. I haven't learned. It's boring."Give up confrontation and try patiently for several times. Maybe you fall in love and the boundary expands. At this time, you will find that, oh, my God, life has so much fun and good-looking. How beautiful our life is.

    Give yourself a reason to break through and try, that's all. Paste a few more pictures

    The painting style makes people spit blood directly. I found a reason to watch it



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