How to evaluate”Stray God”? Night fight is a very dedicated”actor”

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    Elder: Xiao Ming, is a good killer a good man or a bad man?

    Xiao Ming: Well, well, bad people. Well, no, it depends on whether he killed good people or bad people. Right this time. Before you let me watch hero and this killer is not too cold. That's what you mean.

    Elder: Well, that's the film you found yourself. I'm old, and I remember recommending you to watch Stray God. A good killer should be an"actor"or a professional.

    Those who have not read Stray God should collect this article first and continue to read it after supplement.

    Why is yedou a dedicated professional?? First, let's talk about what professional people are, professionalization and professional personality.

    It's not how superb you are in work skills, but how to separate your life personality from your professional personality. In the right place, at the right time, play the right role.

    For example, if a middle-level employee of a company is soft hearted, he should let him leave the company as long as he feels that an employee can't keep up with the development of the company and has no future in this position. It's not cruel or morally flawed. Even if the person left has a good personal relationship with him, he is a good brother in life.

    Another example: a professional boxer, who is black and blue on the stage, knows in his heart that we have no personal grievances and can be good friends in private. This is called"sportsmanship". Professional players, today we fight side by side, but tomorrow I transfer to another team. If I meet you again on the field, I have to try my best to win you. This is also called"sportsmanship".

    In the past, I always saw such scenes when watching cartoons. Two characters I like very much always have to fight each other. I have completely forgotten why they fight each other. I just feel unworthy and sorry for the defeated party. BLEACH, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and so on. Recently, I read an article<Role awareness, and after knowing the word professional personality, I have a new feeling about their battle. Don't bother to analyze who is good and who is bad. Enjoy the process of their struggle for their faith or"career". Once in a while, it's better to stand on their role and look aside.

    Where to stand and what to do. Night fight is a good professional person, a qualified and dedicated God of disaster, Tianjin and Japan.

    Evil Jin Sun God, one of the martial gods, ostensibly works to complete all kinds of trivial human wishes (and therefore learned a lot of cumbersome skills, omnipotent talents) or accept the entrustment of other gods to kill demons, but the real work is to complete the wishes of others to kill (or kill gods) and revenge (in modern times, it will help the weak to revenge). God who has completed all kinds of wishes that can't be put on the table. I understand that by watching animation. Night fight is therefore a Stray God - the God of vagrancy, which is determined by his profession, very much like a professional killer.

    Night fighting well separates life personality from professional personality. It is"hot and handsome"when on duty and"cute and stupid"when not on duty. No wonder he can also occupy a place on a list of male gods.

    Play your part well. This is really useful. I really hope to take the time machine to go back to the past, shout"I represent the moon to destroy you"to me, and tell him that you will grow up and become a good actor sooner or later.

    PS: welcome to pay attention to the headlines of Dongling watchers and think about the old fans with watchers.

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    How to evaluate”Stray God”? Night fight is a very dedicated”actor”



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