Where is the difference between the animated version of Japan Sinks: 2020 and the original novel of the same name? The original party has something to say

    Japan Sinks: 2020 2020 has been broadcast in station A for some time, and the upsurge has passed. In this article, donglingjun comes to stir fry cold rice to talk about this animation. Why took so long to write it? Because I finally finished reading the so-called original novel.

    What donglingjun wants to say after reading the original work is: students who think this animation is a novel change. Please note that these are basically two different works. Except for the disaster setting of Japan Sinks: 2020, neither the characters in the novel nor the plot animation will appear.

    I feel a bit cheated by the name. The producer is cheating. He attracts attention by taking advantage of the name of the original work. An Encyclopedia also wrote adapted from the novel"Japan Sinks: 2020"published by Komatsu Satokyo in 1973. Keyboard hero said well,"adaptation is not nonsense". Look at the Douban score, the eyes of the masses are bright.

    What does Japan Sinks: 2020 2020 say?

    After the closing of the fictional 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, a huge earthquake occurred in Japan and began to sink gradually. There is a very ordinary family in Tokyo - Takeo family. There are four people in the family, including sister Takeo Bu, brother Takeo Gang, their father and mother.

    They survived the first round of the earthquake. In the chaos, a family of four began to escape from Tokyo. But nowhere in the sinking Japanese archipelago is safe. Again and again, they fell into a desperate situation, facing life and death, meeting and parting. This animation shows the characters in various ultimate states.

    The escape team with sister and brother as the core (they can always survive if they have a good life) continues to have new people join and old people die. The animation follows the rhythm of writing death one by one, so that the sister and brother stick to the end.

    At the last word, my sister and brother were rescued and left Japan, which was about to sink completely. After Japan Sinks: 2020, after many years, the ground will rise again. The surviving Japanese returned to Japan and rebuilt their homes. In short, the community of inheritance, spirit and imagination is very promising. This animation wants to tell us that the reality is cruel, but people will eventually choose to believe in the beauty of the future, so they can live strong.

    This is a regular disaster film. Firstly, it talks about"n ways to die under the great disaster"(we will talk about them in a separate article in the future). Secondly, it talks about people's coping attitudes in the face of disasters. Finally, it talks about hope and the Olympic Games, sublimating a tall and fashionable theme as usual, which is warm and comforting.

    This is also an unpleasant animation. The Religious Drama added in the middle disrupted the rhythm, and the setting of the whole article to ensure the immortality of siblings was not welcomed by the audience. Heroic people die one after another, but the characters with characteristics and those who seem to survive are"hindered to death"by their sister and brother. People who are used to seeing heroes die and heroes save the world really don't like their constant sacrifice for these two sisters and brothers who have no bright spots.

    In a word, it concludes that Japan Sinks: 2020 2020 is a disappointing disaster film. The quality of the film itself is not bad, but it rubbed against the"Japan Sinks: 2020", a loud hard core sci-fi IP. The expectation for him is too great, and it is inevitable to be disappointed. No wonder many viewers said that"they only saw a lonely".

    After talking about animation, what's in the novel?

    Geophysicist Yukio Tien proposed a theory to predict that Japan would sink. With the support of the Japanese government, takesuke Tian recruited assistants to do submarines to collect data. According to the data of various parties, it is concluded that the worst situation in the history of the Japanese archipelago - the crustal change within one year led to most of the land sinking into the sea.

    This conclusion was difficult for the government to accept. Later, they had to believe it because of the continuous earthquakes. A plan to transfer Japanese nationals and assets overseas (Plan D) was launched. The situation is getting worse and worse, the fact that Japan is facing sinking is becoming clearer and clearer, and there is a D-2 plan to save the Japanese nation.

    While continuing earthquakes and land sinking, rescue and integrate international resources to implement the plan. Managers, scientists and plan executors did their best to save the Japanese nation.

    Put forward the theory, verify the theory, put forward the scheme and implement the scheme. Unlike the animated version, which tells the story of a family fleeing, the novel tells a very complete and rigorous story of the implementation of the disaster relief plan. How should all sectors of the world respond to the event of Japan Sinks: 2020? Is the essence of the novel. Leaving aside the narrative style, Dong Lingjun thinks the novel has the following characteristics.

    The disaster scale is very special

    There are many kinds of disaster stories, two of which are more common. Local disaster stories are about small collective problems. The life and death of a plane man, the life and death of a small town man, Japan Sinks: 2020 2020 is more like this story. They may be sacrificed, or they may live and die by their own efforts, or they may be saved by the collective.

    There is also a kind of disaster that all mankind has to face. All kinds of ark plans, plans to migrate to other planets, or think of a big move to resolve the disaster through all kinds of difficulties. In short, accept your life in the face of disaster.

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    Where is the difference between the animated version of Japan Sinks: 2020 and the original novel of the same name? The original party has something to say



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