How to evaluate”Haruhi Suzumiya”: the commander is not a fool, she is just a little too simple

    Before in the"fool led smart people's animation have wood?"Talk about how the fool strategy will win the thinking of the article, Dongling put Haruhi Suzumiya into the fool led smart people this category of animation. As expected, some fans of Haruhi Suzumiya (hereinafter referred to as"jelly") complained about it. They could not accept the term"stupid".

    First of all, Dongling should admit his mistakes. This classification method is really not very appropriate. However, Dongling's ability is limited. He really can't think of a better word to divide it. It may be more reliable for non elites to lead elites.

    Captain is not a fool. How can she explain that she doesn't know about her super ability (the ability to change the world)?

    First quote a comment on jelly

    "moreover, the leader has done a lot of things that ordinary people can't do. Although these things seem abrupt, illogical and incredible, she has finally achieved her goal. Her thinking and vitality beyond ordinary people is what I yearn for. Superman's creativity also reflects that her IQ can't be low, If you call these characteristics of her low IQ, I beg to disagree

    I also want to say some of my understanding of the head. The world is really boring, just like a basin of gray water. Everyone is so disciplined and polite, and the head is like a drop of extremely colored paint, which brings color and vitality to the world. She thinks Active, she behaved perversely, and she broke the rules of the world..."

    Dongling responded:

    Jelly is right, but low IQ is not derogatory. Forrest Gump's IQ in Forrest Gump's true story is not high, but it can't stop him from becoming an inspirational hero. Haruhi Suzumiya, who brings color and vitality to the world, has captured countless fans, which is more due to her simplicity and persistence, and has nothing to do with her intelligence.

    What abilities do you have? The head won't think about it at all. She is too simple. The ignorant are fearless. She thinks the world is boring. She wants to make a breakthrough and sets up the SOS group. If we persist in this, we have done many things that ordinary people dare not do.

    Haruhi Suzumiya finally achieved her goal. Apart from her naive and simple persistence, she also benefited from a group of special Da Shen who can do things around her. For example, the school bully who loves reading has hope. If Lianggong really has the highest IQ, why doesn't she even notice the identity of changmen. In case of an accident, the elder sister came out to settle it. Therefore, the rampage that will reverse the disappearance of spring day has something to do with the fact that changmen has long been ignored by the simple leader. Dongling can only sigh that the leader has no heart and no lung for the league members.

    "stupid, stupid, stupid"is a commendatory word or a derogatory word? There is a funny answer on the Internet. Men say that women are stupid is commendatory, and women say that men are stupid is derogatory. From beginning to end, Dongling didn't mean to belittle the leader. Everything depends on the environment. Reading and doing things are the same. (this is the key point of this article, ha ha)

    At the end of nagging: Dongling just likes the animation series of"Haruhi Suzumiya"for the"foolishness"and"heartless"of the head, and has sent a praise to changmen sister before, welcome to pay attention and read.When you meet someone who loves books like changmen Youxi, you should know how to cherish them. Three without women is just an appearance.

    How to evaluate”Haruhi Suzumiya”: the commander is not a fool, she is just a little too simple



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