When you meet someone who loves books like changmen Youxi, you should know how to cherish them. Three no women is just an appearance

    The bookmarks of animation props prove that she is a book lover. Such a sister should cherish

    Changmen and hope. The important female owner of animation Haruhi Suzumiya series joined the SOS group when she occupied the classroom of literature and art society in spring. The white face lacks expression, and the hairstyle is shorter than the average sister's head, giving people a cute feeling. He claims to be an observer created by advanced alien intelligent life and stationed on the earth. He is advanced and indifferent (cold and cold). He doesn't talk much but has strong handling ability. He has the ability to directly open plug-ins.

    Most of the time, changmen Meimei plays the role of no mouth, no heart and no expression. She gives full play to her ability when needed to promote the development of the society. But one day the Sanwu sister moved her heart like many fairies, and then there was the story of Haruhi Suzumiya's disappearance, which enabled us to explore the emotional world of changmen Youxi. It turned out that the sister was so lovely and emotional.

    Experts have long summarized the loveliness of many long door sister papers. They look cold but gentle, don't care about anything but are reliable and trustworthy, and so on. Those are not repeated. Dongling talks about changmen Meimei from the dimension of love book.

    The sister who loves reading is the most lovely

    The sister who loves reading has intellectual beauty and poetic and bookish spirit. The long door always sits quietly in the corner reading with a large book in her arms. The bookshelves in the community classroom are full of books in the long door.

    The sister who loves books is more lovely

    The sister who loves books is full of love, and the loving sister is worthy of love.

    What's the difference between loving books and reading? It is similar to"if two feelings last for a long time, how can they change day and night". It is a level of love. Love of reading is to love to obtain information, and love of books is to love the house and the Ukraine. We treasure and cherish the"books"as the carrier of information. Those who can love others will be more loving.

    Why do you think changmen has reached the realm of loving books?

    1. When a Xu proposed to dispose of the books on the bookshelf during the year-end cleaning of the community classroom, the fundus of changmen contained unspeakable sadness (so that a Xu could no longer insist and give up), and suddenly thought of Daiyu buried flowers.

    2. This girl likes to use bookmarks. If you think bookmarks are superfluous, just fold the corner of the book. Please upgrade your knowledge quickly. Bookmarking is to help readers love books and write down where they see them. It is less damaging to books than folding books and other page numbering methods. I use bookmarks because I love books and am afraid of hurting books. The long door still cherishes the book so much that how can she be said to be unintentional.

    3. Changmen especially likes to use bookmarks as the carrier of information transmission. When she needs to actively transfer information to the outside world, bookmarks are the first choice. In the disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, this performance has reached the extreme. Most important clues start with bookmarks. Changmen is not speechless. She is shy to say that a shy sister deserves love.

    In life, if you meet her or him who uses bookmarks, please be sure to cherish it. Although it is not as rare as the aliens represented by changmen Meimei, it is definitely a rare species.

    Nagging at the end, the disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, changmen reading in the library, animation version of"it is better to forget each other in the Jianghu", changmen Da Shen will reach the level of"to forget, to give up, to get another happiness". This film is really brain burning. Is there anything right? Welcome to comment and pay attention.

    When you meet someone who loves books like changmen Youxi, you should know how to cherish them. Three no women is just an appearance



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