Brief comment on”Arte”: does the disobedient lady of nobility teach another lady of nobility to admit her life?

    The tenth word of Arte is very powerful and has thrown out many profound problems. The answer given in the animation is not necessarily the best solution. It is necessary to think idly.

    Summary of the tenth words of"Arte"

    Katarina, the eldest lady of the aristocracy, was raised by her nursing mother since childhood. One day, when her nursing mother died of illness, Katarina was taken back to the noble house. The life there made her very uncomfortable. She couldn't feel the love of her family and didn't like the red tape that the noble advertised herself noble.

    Under the arrangement of Uncle Yuri, Arte became the tutor of Katarina's etiquette. Arte, who was born in the same noble family but wanted to be a painter, had some similarities with this lady.She could feel the pain of Katarina.

    Both ways. On the one hand, Arte directly contradicts the employer, letting Katarina's parents know that the child lacks love. Katarina is not a"loss". If she wants to grow into a standard lady of nobility, she must be respected, given father love and mother love, so that she can think of herself as an aristocrat One of the members, so that they can be willing to cooperate with them and play the role of nobility.

    On the other hand, Arte took Katarina to meet her older brother (the son of the nursing mother), who grew up with her, to make a settlement with the past. Her brother's words let Katarina know that her real family is from the farier family. She is an aristocrat, not a civilian. She can't choose her origin. No matter how much she hates this origin, she should accept this fact and move on.

    Later, the noble parents sprinkled dog food and distributed carrots to Katarina. Mom really loves you. Catalina also recognized the reality. How can people not bow their heads under the eaves. So Katarina made a change and played the noble lady. Mother and daughter hug and cry, the end of this episode.

    In the early stage of"Arte", Arte has been talking about how to withstand the pressure and take an unusual road. At the tenth word, how did she feel that she began to hit her face? I'm clearly a prickly tomboy, why do I have to teach Catalina to be a noble and good girl?

    It can be said that this is a strategic retreat. After all, Katarina needs to hide her capacity and hide her time. When you grow up, you can realize your ideal and be an Italian genius girl cook. It can also be said that Arte has changed. Although she is sincere to Katarina, she has chosen to give priority to her own tasks as a tutor this time. It is necessary for her employer to be rewarded.

    The story can be viewed in any way, and there are indeed many problems worth thinking about.

    As the head of the family, how to cultivate a daughter is a problem to think about. Marta must have failed as a father in the play, and her father just happened to be a control group with Arte, if it is considered successful to cultivate a daughter like Arte.

    As a family child, how to play their own role is also a problem. Arte and Katarina, the pair of"problem girls", formed another pair. Some people finally chose to compromise, although this compromise may be temporary, others chose to fight to the end.

    Katarina's mother, Sophia, and Arte's mentor, Rosetta, also made up a couple. Their guidance to their younger generation is completely different. How to fight men? They have very different ways.

    For fate, for family, for identity, for interests and hobbies. Carefully pondering the tenth sentence, I feel that I can't speak clearly and I don't know the way. The dry feeling is the two words"contradiction". Who knows the psychology of this contradiction.

    A friend said that this"Arte"was untrue and not in line with Renaissance Italy. I said, this is not true. If it is true, it will be broken. It just lets us see the legend of a little girl who loves painting through the story, which is no essential difference from other legends. The difference is that this gives people a real illusion and throws out many problems that will be encountered in that era. There has never been a standard answer to these questions.

    Routine welfare: this remark refers to the issue of playing the role you should play. It recommends an article related to role awareness. How to evaluate"Stray God"? Night fight is a very dedicated"actor". After reading this article, we will discuss how to play a good lady of noble family There may be an answer of its own.

    A noble lady who does not accept her life teaches another noble lady to accept her life. Is this a slap in the face?

    Chatting animation Arte: playing the obedient noble lady, is it a sign of resignation?

    Brief comment on”Arte”: does the disobedient lady of nobility teach another lady of nobility to admit her life?



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