Anime review of Arte: losers and winners, looking at the essence without identity

    The eleventh sentence of"Arte"throws out another thinking point, which is very interesting.

    Aristocratic Arte wanted to be a female painter. When she started her career, because of her identity, she was not ignored. Her peers are not optimistic about her because of her gender and identity, and there are many obstacles. If you were an ordinary person, you would have given up. They can say this, because I am an aristocratic girl, incompatible with the painting circle. It is normal to fail. Give up as it should be.

    Fortunately, Arte persevered and became a tomboy with the same physical strength and physique.

    When she came to Venice, she met another view. She said that she could become a royal painter and tutor of the aristocratic farier family because of her female aristocracy. This remark was unintentional and the listener intended it. Arte felt that she got the job because of her identity, rather than how outstanding her painting skills were. AnotherWorry about identityEmerged in her mind.

    In the past, you said you couldn't do it because of your noble status. This time, you can do it because of your noble status. Without your status, you still can't do it. Like those apprentices, you don't have a bright future. Do you have Cao Dan? It's blocked at both ends. It doesn't feel right here.

    At this time, I think of a word,"success is also Xiao He, failure is also Xiao He", which is a folk summary of the life of General Han Xin, a hero of the founding of the Western Han Dynasty."Cheng also Xiao He"means that Han Xin became a general recommended by Xiao He;"defeat also Xiao He"means that Han Xin was killed by Xiao He. Both success and failure are due to the same person.

    Feels a little like it, but there is a problem with that. Is Han Xin's success and failure really because of Xiao He? No, Xiao He has made great contributions as a introducer, but Han Xin's ability to lead troops to war is the hard condition, the real reason. The death of Xiao He's design was not because Xiao he or Han Xin couldn't see the situation clearly, which threatened Liu Bang's regime and caused the dissatisfaction of the big boss Liu Bang.

    In fact, Arte's success was mainly due to her own factors, while her aristocratic status and daughter were secondary. It is easy to be confused about this problem by Arte, who is obsessed with the issue of women's Liberation and aristocratic identity all day long.

    Regardless of her identity, Arte's success is due to her perseverance and perseverance. She has the desire to live on her own, which is not the result of her efforts. Daughter body and aristocratic status are designed to increase drama and attraction. We have every reason to believe that without those settings, one can become a painter. Leo, Arte's teacher, is either a noble or a daughter, which is a good example.

    From this extrapolation, we can get good news. Identity, status and gender are not the main factors of success or failure.Personal effort is the main thing.Those factors only increase the drama of life, increase excuses, and affect the probability and difficulty.

    Chicken soup has a strong taste, but it is indeed dry goods.Arte dares to make such a plot with two ends blocked, which shows that he still wants to make the audience think.Just encourage people who are still struggling and complaining.

    Anime review  of Arte: losers and winners, looking at the essence without identityChatting about"Arte", losing the aristocracy and becoming the aristocrat, leaving aside the identity to see the essence of chatting about"Arte", the identity factor is greatly reversed, and her success comes from the aristocratic identity?
    Anime review  of Arte: losers and winners, looking at the essence without identity



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