Anime review “Dr.STONE”? Si Empire regards scientific development as the biggest obstacle to the achievement of ideals. What is the logic behind this thought?

    Conscience animation needs more Amway, Amway with conditions and Amway without conditions. In this article, donglingjun continues to talk about the animation"Dr.STONE", which advocates science, by taking the problem of shaozihua as the breakthrough point.

    In the second season of Dr.STONE, he has already painted several paintings, but the content should still be the content of the second chapter"Stone Wars", mainly about the struggle between the kingdom of science and the Empire of Si. The goal of these two camps is exactly what we want to talk about in this article.

    People on earth are inexplicably petrified. After 3700 years, the people who were lucky to lift the petrochemical state and wake up were divided into two camps.

    Science Kingdom: the leader, Shi shenqiankong, has a superhuman mind and rich knowledge. He plans to rebuild scientific civilization and revive all mankind in the stone world by relying on knowledge and technology.

    Si Empire: the leader of the lion king, the king of physique and strength, intends to establish an ideal world without vested interests, centered on young people and relying on nature. They destroy the stone statues of the middle-aged and elderly (so they can't be revived),Regard scientific development as the biggest obstacle to achieving their ideals.

    The idea of Si empire is very interesting. They intend to return to primitive society.Why do they hate technology?This has something to do with his dislike of vested interests and exploiters. At first, I felt a little strange when I saw this. Later, I seemed to understand it a little. They feel that it is scientific and technological civilization that has led to the existence of vested interests. It is scientific civilization that enlarges the gap between people.

    Si Empire, as a temporary villain, there is no need to discuss the right and wrong of their positions and goals.Villains are naturally wrong.

    However, the authorOpposes scientific civilization and civilization relying on natureIt is by no means accidental and whimsical. Let's look at the problem of fewer children along this opposite line of thought.

    The word"fewer children"comes from Japanese (Japanese: しょうしし), which refers to the decline in fertility and the gradual reduction of young population.

    The great gods of Finance and economics especially like to analyze this problem from a social and economic perspective. Money is not enough, can not afford, pressure, lack of energy and so on. In short, it is very helpless.

    The author of a brief history of mankind, Yuval herali, repeatedly mentioned the concept of"useless people"in his book. He predicted that artificial intelligence would rob more jobs for the highly developed science and technology.

    "in the future, mankind may be divided into two main levels: a new and more advanced elite class, smart, rich, with better genes and longer life expectancy; and a new and useless proletariat, who will be poorer and poorer waiting for death and may become unemployed, aimless, living on chemicals and wearing clothes all day VR helmets are a mob that kills time."

    Let's change the word here. Advanced means scientific civilization, while useless means natural civilization.

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    Talks about Dr.STONE: it is like a world dominated by"useless". Are they still"useless"? Chat with Dr.STONE: this animation has designed an interesting thinking direction for the analysis of the problem of fewer children

    Anime review “Dr.STONE”? Si Empire regards scientific development as the biggest obstacle to the achievement of ideals. What is the logic behind this thought?



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