review the ending of”Akudama Drive”? For 500 yuan, a girl in flower season can be turned into an S level wanted criminal. With the ending of this mending knife, the animation is complete

    For 500 yuan, a young girl in the flower season becomes a S class wanted criminal. The magic power of the motorcycle of the express delivery brother is boundless. The original TV animation work"Akudama Drive"produced by the clown club is finally over. Donglingjun came to talk about the animation. One is to record the animation of the crime theme he has seen. The other is to add an ending to the work. With the end of me, the girl of the flower season is worthy of the name of fraudster. With the end of me, Akudama Drive is more evil.

    Background setting

    The war between Kanto and Kansai divided the world. Kansai became a vassal state of Kanto. However, the power of the government and the police is weakening, and crime is very common. These criminals are called evil jade. In a highly developed but highly distorted society, villains come together and collide with each other.

    Plot Review

    A young girl picked up a penny (500 yen coin) at a roadside stall and gave it to the owner. The incident was so wonderful that she was involved in the world of villains and was recognized as a super-s criminalFraudster.

    Kansai created a pair of immortal brothers and sisters, and planned to present them as a tribute to Kanto, because Kanto just lacked this as a data container. The execution section is responsible for escorting brothers and sisters to Kanto.

    Brother and sister secretly hired the seven villains in Kansai to help them escape and regain their freedom. The wicked and the execution class show their own abilities and fight to the death.

    The villains were completely annihilated, the execution class (police) suffered heavy losses, and the original order in Kansai was disrupted.

    Brother and sister finally fled to the"four countries"(a Japanese place name).

    <the cyberpunk world like blade runner has distinctive character design, overflowing violence aesthetics, and is qualified.

    The little sister of the"fraud master", a rare normal person who advocates nonviolence, wandered among the villains and completed a transformation.In the end, did she become a villain by the villain, or was she forced to become a villain by the execution class?This is an unspeakable problem. At the beginning, the girl lied that she was a fraudster in order to survive. From now on, the gear of logic sent her to the guillotine of the wicked.

    Miss said she was a fraudster. If she told the truth, she was a fraudster. If what she said is false, then she is cheating others. She is also a fraudster. This logic is very meaningful, which doomed her future fate.

    Finally, she lured the police officers of the execution class to kill her on the cross, broadcast the picture of"police killing civilians"to the whole people through the machine left by hackers, and detonated the great riot in Kansai. At this moment, she has become a real fraudster, cheating both the police and the people. But seriously, as when she first lied, she was telling the truth.

    So is she a fraudster? From the beginning, this identity aroused the little partners' speculation. After that, it seems that she is really an ordinary office worker.

    In the end, Akudama Drive gave all the wonderful scenes to the elder brother of the transport worker. He drove the motorcycle to send his brother out of Kansai. This motorcycle has boundless legal power and can compete with several combat helicopters without falling down. In the sound of gossiping, the two brothers came to the four countries.

    Donglingjun felt that the ending was slightly insufficient, and all the staff were broken. Although everyone died with a full personality, it was memorable, but it was stillIn the middle, which lacked a little coherence. If you add another knife, it will be"perfect".

    This knife should be like this.

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    A chill came.

    Routine bullshit: just as Jujutsu Kaisen tells us not to pick up rubbish on the street (fingers). This"Akudama Drive"also tells us that garbage cannot be picked up, and money left by others should not be picked up, which is unlucky. OK, Akudama Drive will talk here. If you find it interesting, please pay attention to Dongling chat animation.

    With this ending, the animation will be complete. That is the real"Akudama Drive"500 yuan, which makes the girls in the flower season become S level wanted criminals."Akudama Drive"is short of a mending knife

    review the ending of”Akudama Drive”? For 500 yuan, a girl in flower season can be turned into an S level wanted criminal. With the ending of this mending knife, the animation is complete



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