Japan Sinks: 2020: what other”death methods”are easy to be ignored after the disaster? Those who want to live deserve an in-depth summary

    This article talks about"Japan Sinks: 2020 2020", which is a very popular animation at the beginning, but the lower the rating is. The animation tells us a disaster story with the following theme - N ways of people's death under the great disaster.

    If you have seen the animation"Japan Sinks: 2020", you may say that you are talking nonsense. It is clear that there are many themes, such as Olympics, hope, friendship, Japan cohesion, etc. How did it become the theme of social science popularization?

    You're right. This story is really telling this. Under the background of the original novel"Japan Sinks: 2020", Japan began to have frequent earthquakes. In the first round of earthquakes, there were 4 people in a family who survived and began to flee. But Japan is doomed to sink, and there is no escape anywhere on the island. They face life and death again and again. Some people in the escape team die one after another, and some new people join the team.

    After thousands of difficulties, many people died. Among the four people, only sister and brother survived and were saved overseas. They are young people, the strength of Japan's rise again, the seed of life and the hope of Japan's future. N years later, they will rebuild their homes on the uplifted new Japan island with the Japanese scattered everywhere.

    But it was a matter of unity between people and the nation. There was nothing wrong with donglingjun. After watching this animation, what impressed me most was not those feelings and hopes. What I remembered most was this group of people. They fled together with their brothers and sisters and left their lives on the road. Originally, they were lucky. They didn't die during the earthquake. They were survivors, but the"death methods"of various immortals on the road made them victims again.

    Just because of the deep impression on them, how they died, they also have a deep memory, so I feel that this"Japan Sinks: 2020"is talking about this theme, there are more than N unexpected"death methods"after the great disaster?

    Human facilities without management

    The female owner's father is very powerful. He is the king of the team in physical strength and survival skills, but he falls behind first. The reason for falling behind was that an unexploded bomb dug out while digging potatoes was killed. This foreshadowing, unmanaged signboard safety net is either blocked or damaged by weeds. It's better to say that this is showing a way to die than that Dad's life is bad and a small probability makes him meet.

    After the disaster, those unmanaged human facilities will become the protagonist of secondary disasters. For example, dams, nuclear power plants (still unsolved), chemical plants, gas stations and so on.

    Others who lose management

    This is the most easily overlooked way to die. Once the violent machine fails, uncivilized behavior will breed. At that time, others will also become an extremely dangerous existence. In"Japan Sinks: 2020", the neighbor's little sister was almost killed by a villain. Fortunately, the villain was killed by the little sister. The problem of human nature is good and bad. Don't discuss it much. Watch the animation and understand it yourself.

    Unmanaged nature

    Earthquake, tsunami and so on, but this animation also shows some little-known, such as invisible and untouchable poison gas. The neighbor's little sister killed all the strong bad guys, but she didn't escape the gentle knife of nature. In the mountains, I went to a place where there was no one to go to the toilet. As a result, the terrain collected poison gas and people never got up again. What kind of poison gas is it? How deadly? Please turn to the large-scale popular science animation"Dr.STONE".

    Those who lose their management

    Are easy to lose their reason in despair or lose hope under extreme reason. Anyway, I just don't want to live. There are n kinds of death methods, some are called suicide, some are called self abandonment, and some are called self death (see others who lose Management). Death increases the possibility of being killed by others.

    "Utopia Shengguang city"Religious Drama has nothing to do with the main framework of disaster films, which can be discussed in any film. But Japan Sinks: 2020 2020 has deliberately forced to join such a section of content that has been criticized, disrupted festivals and played inexplicable. What is the picture? I think the producer just wants to explain these ways of death. The great disaster is coming, and this way of death can not be ignored. Once this kind of emotion spreads, it will be very dangerous. It should be prevented and there should be a plan to deal with it.

    Willing to devote themselves beyond instinct

    Mother, glasses man and white haired man are all heroes in this animation. Two white haired men sacrificed themselves for the team. He was a foreigner. Netflix opened his eyes and left him to reform the American people. This way of death is worthy, great and bright.

    Above, the natural disaster itself is only the part with the greatest power, but does mankind itself also virtually amplify the power of the disaster? Disaster belongs to disaster, and human belongs to mankind. Japan Sinks: 2020 2020 is just a demonstration of the experience of the escaping team. How to predict, how to provide disaster relief and how to evacuate, these things that most show human wisdom and civilization, do not show much. If you want to know about this, it is better to read the original book Japan Sinks: 2020.

    Friendship tips: the characters and plots of the animated version of Japan Sinks: 2020 did not appear in the original book Japan Sinks: 2020, please detour if you mind. The original work"Japan Sinks: 2020"is very hard core, the famous science fiction masterpiece is loud, and the cloth head is very big (it took 9 years for songzuojing, the author, to finish the work). Although it is so long, it is not the same as the fantasy novel. There is no composition of words and water injection, and some content in it is comparable to the master's thesis. Reading this work requires a certain amount of endurance. Those who mind don't get in and spend money.

    Complain at the end: the picture of the death method has nothing to do with the content. Just make do with it. It's not that I'm too lazy to send, but that I don't want to send, for fear of causing everyone's discomfort. Animation a total of only 10 words, almost every word has a sense of discomfort. My feelings belong to my feelings."Japan Sinks: 2020 2020"is a story about human beings in desperate situation looking for kindling and inheriting civilization. Leave the hope of life to the children No problem, that's right.

    Chatting about Japan Sinks: 2020: what other"death methods"are easy to be ignored after the great disaster? Japan Sinks: 2020 2020: the rest of life is just the beginning, there are more than N unexpected"death methods"

    Japan Sinks: 2020: what other”death methods”are easy to be ignored after the disaster? Those who want to live deserve an in-depth summary



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