review Talentless Nana? There is a big problem with the setting of treating superpowers as human enemies and eradicating them

    This October season, there is a very good smart fight animation"Talentless Nana". Here is a topic worth talking about. For ordinary humans, are superpowers a threat or should they be eradicated? Once those with ability appear, will there be more and more, and the trend is irresistible?

    Where is the problem? First briefly introduce the plot. In XX ad, there began to be super capable human beings in the world, with a world line developing in the direction of My Hero Academia. There is another world line that is different from it. Superpowers rely on their ability to commit crimes, leading to the collapse of the social system. They became"enemies of mankind".

    After five years of fighting, the incompetent won (the authenticity of this antecedent is unknown). In order to avoid repeating the mistakes and limit the rise of superpowers, the government made up a reason to gather superpowers on a small island for training, and then sent incompetent xinnana to mix them. While assassinating superpowers, they caused infighting and killing each other.

    The story begins with this. An incompetent sister killed many superpowers with wisdom. Later, my sister found more and more things she didn't know. It's not over yet. It's possible to release the knife and enlarge the move.

    What do incompetents think of superpowers?

    All kinds of film and television works are involved. If they are friendly to human beings, we will cooperate; if they are not friendly to human beings, we will kill them. Friendly as our UK, the enemy such as"Talentless Nana", there is not good or bad very warm ambiguous"X war police"flow. Simple logic is often easy to use.

    But there is another logic here,How do we know if they are friendly?If they pretend to be grandchildren because of their small number and insufficient strength at the beginning and behave very friendly, what should they do when there are more capable people and they have the ability to stand on their feet? Or, they are friendly to some people and help one group of people bully another group of people. How does this count?

    It seems that the dark forest law from the three bodies seems to be very applicable here, so it can be inferred that the world line of Talentless Nana may be more reliable. After all, I don't know what they will develop into. The safest and reliable countermeasure is to"kill him". So is it like this?

    Donglingjun thinks it's really not, because superpowers are still human in essence (alien species do not count), which is the same as people who can drive and people who can't drive. They are still human. If there are such people, they are either trained by people or born by chance. No matter how they come, they are more advanced representatives of mankind.

    Once advanced and powerful things are born, they cannot stop their development. This is a general trend, whether you like it or not. Nowadays, the hot topic"genetic modification technology", which can make people healthier, smarter and more competitive. At present, although it is not accepted by the mainstream, it does not hinder the development of this technology. If a country takes the lead in allowing use, it will become stronger in a few generations, and more people will break their heads and immigrate to the past. Other countries can't afford it and will follow suit to liberalize the use of this technology.

    From this point of view, we can see"Talentless Nana"again. This setting is just a setting, just a pleasure.Once those with ability appear, they will become more and more unstoppable.Even if bad people kill many people, naturally there will be many friends of mankind and super people to fight them. The probability that a small situation of the United Nations will exterminate them is very small.

    Routine welfare: the key to breaking the situation is not to judge whether the superpowers are a threat, nor how to prevent them from doing bad things. The key is how we can become superpowers and join their camp. After talking about this animation, you can take a look at it if you don't make up the animation. Do you think it's interesting? Please also pay attention to the likes.

    Talentless Nana: once the ability appears, it will be more and more?

    Talentless Nana: for human beings, is the superpower a threat and should it be eradicated?

    review Talentless Nana? There is a big problem with the setting of treating superpowers as human enemies and eradicating them



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