Anime review “Division Rap Battle”? Battle depends on shouting wheat. Can’t you accept this thunder setting? In fact, this is similar to the logic of magic war

    Recently, I met a"thunder"animation, which was set very embarrassing. People are civilized. Fighting and grabbing territory don't bleed. They can win by shouting wheat with rap. In fact, it is to promote songs. This setting is also applicable to square dance, musical instrument performance, painting and calligraphy competition. In short, he invented an artifact, and by his energy conversion, a skill can become a sharp weapon for fighting. The six foot zither devil said that I am the most familiar with this routine. I don't agree with us playing the zither.

    This article talks about an animation called Division Rap Battle, which is hard to adapt to the setting. In order to promote music, how wonderful settings can be imagined by people.

    Introduction to animation setting

    H calendar, the war using force has been extinct Disputes are not settled by guns, but by interfering with people's spirit. A special microphone called"Division Rap Battle"appeared. The lyrics of"Division Rap Battle"can stimulate people's Cross nerve and parasympathetic nerve to make the human body reach various states. With this new"weapon", people use rap to decide the outcome.

    After MC battle, the winner can obtain part of the territory in other regions. It is a world that does not rely on weapons, but on language. A group of handsome boys will bet their prestige and start the battle between the territories.

    This setting is not fun. Donglingjun thinks of the divergent terminal invented by Fan Wei in if you are the one. Logically, it is also deeply rooted in its essence. It was hard for donglingjun to adapt to this tough setting for a while, so this time, he just jumped to see its setting, listened to music, and learned one of my most concerned questions"how do two people shout wheat in the war?".

    According to the simple reasoning, it can't wait for the judges to score. Naturally, it's the first to shout, and you can't shout together on both sides, otherwise the main music can't be displayed perfectly. How to solve the problem of war display?

    Later, I learned that the shouting wheat is round based. If you can't sing well, you can't shout down your opponent in one round. If your opponent has strong resistance, you have a chance to fight back.

    In order to push the music, I set

    In full point. Is the setting of Division Rap Battle unacceptable? After all, the traditional competition style campus music has been performed by predecessors. Carol and Tuesday went to Mars to perform miracles and gave their singing the meaning of unity and peace."Actors: Songs Connection"has added the mysterious and suspense story shell. There is also a"listener", driving"rock up"to save the world. I don't know whether it is a music fan or a battle fan. Screenwriters really racked their brains to make music more harmonious into the story.

    Unacceptable? Not enough of the two

    Many friends said that they could not accept the forced setting of"Division Rap Battle", and so was Dong Lingjun himself. But when we think about it calmly, why can we accept magic, wave thunder and fire all over the sky, accept people flying in different worlds, but don't want to accept people shouting wheat to decide the victory or defeat? Why are some things that are logically indistinguishable easy to accept and others difficult to accept.

    Magic and other worlds have background reserves, and people have long been used to it. This is one of the reasons. Donglingjun thinks another reason is that this setting is too close to people's life.

    Things that are too far away to be realized are easy for us to accept. If we are close to reality and can almost reach it, we have a sense of difference and feel it difficult to accept. There is a horror Valley theory similar to this. There is a similar expression of the secular circle. People will envy people who are a little better than them, but they won't envy people who are too much better than them.

    We can't accept the powerful setting that is close to reality but mysterious. It can only show that our generation is still a layman, and we can't get beyond the second grade.

    Just read a story and accept it. If we are lucky enough to be the designer of the story, how to avoid this embarrassment is still worth considering and learning from experience.

    What kind of settings can make rap War Possible? People are more receptive. It may be better to change to a school with special regulations, but this is too vulgar.What do you think of rap square dance?

    Fighting depends on shouting. Can't you accept this thunder setting? In fact, this is similar to the logic of magic war

    To sell songs, how wonderful settings can be imagined, and this animation is one of them

    Anime review “Division Rap Battle”? Battle depends on shouting wheat. Can’t you accept this thunder setting? In fact, this is similar to the logic of magic war



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