Some practical principles hidden in DRAGON BALL! When it comes to money, it’s always tangled

    Have seen a"DRAGON BALL"to my life N philosophy, but also summed up a lot of DRAGON BALL in the representative. Spectators also follow this path, but most of the so-called philosophies in that article can be summarized. Dongling summarizes from the dimension of story setting. After all, it is common to keep playing new bosses, and each man has different tricks and story setting.

    1. The accumulation of wealth is the inevitable result, just like the need for heroes

    The great move used by the ultimate PK in the later stage of the monkey king is mostly vitality bullet. Why? Personal ability is limited, and it is necessary to gather collective strength to do great things, so as to overcome the difficulties of another dimension. Energy must also be gathered to talents who can use and dispatch, which will play an effective role. Gathering and selecting the right people is similar to the gathering process of Caifu in the real world. In real economic life, to develop, we will always encounter new difficulties to overcome, such as the R & D of cutting-edge scientific and technological products, the accumulation of wealth, being used by people who can use them, allowing them to do great things and change the world. This is not only the objective demand, but also the final result. The idea that money is like dirt is wrong. Since you intend to label yourself noble, you should protect human beings like heroes.

    2. To control wealth, you have to exercise

    Wukong's vitality bullet learned from the king of the world. The first use is playing vegeta. Is there an overwhelming advantage? No, Later, it was still this trick, which can also be used to beat the demon PUU. The level of the opponent is much worse. The watchman said that the energy absorbed was different. For the first time, it only absorbed the energy of the earth. Later, it absorbed the energy of the earth, nemex and the people of the two planets. Why not use more absorption points for the first time? I think Wukong would say,"I can't do it.". At that time, Wukong was able to control the vitality of the upper limit, more will be exposed, and later Wukong trained to N level Saiya people, in order to use a more large-scale vitality bomb. Wealth is similar. If you can't reach a level, more money is trouble. You need to exercise financial intelligence. I've seen several demolition generations suddenly make millions overnight. They don't know how to spend it. As a result, they play with money and lose their wives and children.

    Use Qiqi as an illustration, because I think this girl has good vision and great wisdom since childhood

    3. Work step by step, step by step, shortcuts can be taken, but pay attention to hidden dangers.

    Why do you need to gather seven DRAGON BALL to summon the dragon? It is a task. Step by step, let the practitioners looking for DRAGON BALL experience all kinds of random events (100% sweat plus 100% luck), and gain all kinds of insights in the process of traveling thousands of miles. Only then can the hope put forward be mature. However, the DRAGON BALL radar invented by bulma accelerated the process, and it turned on the ash machine to get it directly, and it also relied on force. Finally, it leads to the overuse and frequent use of DRAGON BALL. There are hidden dangers when happiness comes too fast. For example, in some industries that make money by beauty, the curve between income and age and industries that accumulate experience are the opposite. They peak at 20-30 and then decay rapidly. What are their hidden dangers? They need the ability to control. Please jump back to the second point.

    Summarize with the dimensions related to wealth

    Wealth is eager to be gathered and needs heroes. Everyone has the opportunity to embrace wealth. Wealth longs for heroes who can control it. Wealth accumulation is also an accumulation process. It is too fast and has hidden dangers. In short, we should give children financial intelligence education.

    Why tangle? Do not look regret, the original DRAGON BALL can see so. I regret it even more. I'm so sad. Wood money. I'm not one of those rich people. I'd better try to fill my stomach first and study financial quotient.

    Some practical principles hidden in DRAGON BALL! When it comes to money, it’s always tangled



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