review the anime”Noblesse”and”Moriarty the Patriot”? The three outlooks are too powerful to follow the five senses

    This article talks about a handsome gathering of animation"Noblesse". Noblesse students who love ramen, Sanguan Chaozheng, more than 2000 years old facial features are still very beautiful.

    "Noblesse"is a Japanese cartoon adapted by Han man and produced by Production I.G.

    After sleeping for 800 years, the vampire aristocrat Cadiz aitrama di legero was awakened by an organization called Union by some means. After years of coming to modern human society, he lived the ordinary life he yearned for for for the first time. He came to a high school and liked the Ramen here. However, trouble came one after another. He had to fight with the people who settled with him.

    The fight is OK, and the plot of the first season is fairly clear. It explained the relationship between the Noblesse and the nobility, as well as their historical origins, and drew a full stop for the generation of enmity. Noblesse received a few human younger brothers. They are the reformers made by UNION. The real face of UNION is to leave suspense for the next season. It's not tiring and pleasing to the eyes.

    This animation has a feature. Handsome boys and beautiful girls gather. The positive characters don't look ugly,All the ugly characters are negative characters, and most of them will die in battle. The survivingMembers are handsome.

    When it comes to Shuai, we have to mention another animation of the same period, Moriarty the Patriot and derivative works of Sherlock Holmes written by Conan Doyle. Coincidentally, this is also made by production i.g. are they addicted to painting handsome men.

    There is a high-frequency bullet screen in this Moriarty the Patriot -"Three Outlooks follow five senses". The protagonist is obviously not a decent person (by the current standard), but because he is handsome, knowledgeable and sucks powder countless.

    Some people say that Moriarty's fans like him because of Moriarty's radical ideas, not because he is handsome. Donglingjun doesn't know why he likes him. It can only be said that good facial features really help to absorb powder. Sanguan? As long as this person is not 100% garbage and has a certain proportion of highlights, it's easier to suck powder if he is handsome. If Moriarty looks like this, he may not have so many fans.

    The Three Outlooks follow the five senses. Whether this statement is evil or disgusting, we are willing to accept it or not."beauty is justice"is indeed a description of the facts.

    How to defeat those handsome characters who are not good-looking?That is to replace them with more handsome and Sanguan people. Therefore, this article will vigorously Amway"Noblesse"this animation. After watching"Moriarty the Patriot", please go to station A again to see"Noblesse".

    Although Legero, a Noblesse, was a"vampire", he was loving, justice oriented and his strength was still at the top. The key is that he is a friend of mankind and loves and respects life. In short, the three concepts are correct.

    After gossip, routine welfare: This article talks about"Three Outlooks follow five senses". Then, it seems that it should be reasonable to vilify villains and beautify decent people. It's natural for villains to choose actors who want to find good-looking actors. But this is a lot, and some people talk about things like"facebook". How difficult it is to set up a person for a character. How can you offend people.

    So what's the problem? On the audience. The producer can decide who the work is taken for and who the service object is. But who saw it? They really can't control it.

    This article is dedicated to Audience, others please detour, or in Can only be viewed under the condition of. There are more and more such titles, which is both helplessness and progress. The code word is not easy. Please praise Sanlian. Not for the sake of donglingjun, but also for the face of these handsome guys.

    Noblesse students who love ramen, three outlooks are super positive, more than 2000 years old, five facial features are still very beautiful Noblesse chat about Noblesse and Moriarty the Patriot, Moriarty the Patriot

    review the anime”Noblesse”and”Moriarty the Patriot”? The three outlooks are too powerful to follow the five senses



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